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  1. Anthony G Williams

    Blackout, & All Clear, by Connie Willis

    I have had these books in my reading pile for some years, but until now have been put off from tackling them by their massive size. Don’t be fooled by the different titles; they are not separate novels, but constitute one continuous story some 1,500 pages long. The prospect of a couple of weeks...
  2. S

    New sequels from Willis, Donaldson

    19th November 2010 02:03 AM Elaine Frei October saw the release of two new novels from well-known names in science fiction and fantasy, Stephen R. Donaldson and Connie Willis. First up is All Clear, from multiple Hugo and Nebula-award winning Connie Willis. All Clear is a sequel to her...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    Doomsday Book by Connie Willis

    Doomsday Book is one of Connie Willis' early novels, set in her time-travelling universe in which mid-21st century Oxford academics use a somewhat unreliable time machine to send researchers back into history on a variety of fact-gathering expeditions. A young student of medieval history...
  4. J-Sun

    Connie Willis named SFWA Grand Master

    I can't really celebrate this as (except for "At the Rialto", which I found funny and good) I'm completely deaf, dumb, and blind to her work but she's certainly won all the awards to make this additional one a given. The vast majority sees something in her. It just disturbs me that we're to the...
  5. Werthead

    Blackout by Connie Willis

    Oxford, 2060. Thanks to the invention of time travel, historians are now undertaking field trips into the distant (and not-so-distant past), blending in with the 'contemps' to study history in motion. The laws of time travel prevent history from being changed: major 'divergence points' in...
  6. Anthony G Williams

    Passage by Connie Willis

    I expect that most people will be familiar with the accounts from people who have temporarily "died" before recovering; impressions of travelling down a dark tunnel towards a bright light, of feeling that there are people at the other end. The theme of Passage is the exploration of such near...
  7. The Wanderer

    Dooms Day Book - Connie Willis

    I'm two 3rd's of the way through this and very absorbing it is Anyone else had the fortune to read this marvelous book?
  8. greyhorse

    Willis, Connie. "Doomsday Book"

    Although certain people on this forum do not trust book awards, I tend to use book award lists like shopping lists. What I have found so far is that while I may not have liked all of the award-winning books I have read, pretty much every one had some aspect that made them notable. If I had a...