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conn iggulden

  1. S

    Conn Iggulden's new book 'Lords of the Bow'

    Hello - for anyone interested in Conn's new book, there's some info below. Lords of the Bow The brand new novel from the No.1 bestselling author of Emperor, his series on Julius Caesar. The second in the bestselling new Conqueror series on Genghis Khan, it is a wonderful, epic story which Conn...
  2. P

    Conn Iggulden

    Again as in the Simon Scarrow thread, i cannot see Conns work mentioned anywhere. Gates of Rome Death of Kings Field of Swords God of War all about the life of Julius Caeser...a really great series, has any one read them?? he has a new series starting in Jan about Ghengis
  3. The Blackfish

    Emperor Series

    Has anyone read the "Emperor Series" by Conn Iggulden? It tells the story of Julius Ceaser from a child to all-conquering general. I am really enjoying them and waiting for the next one to come out (does anyone know when that is?) I was just wondering: How does this series compare to other...