clark ashton smith

  1. Extollager

    Wildfire Threat to Clark Ashton Smith's Hometown, Auburn, California Seeing news coverage about the wildfire raging near Auburn reminded me of Smith, who lived in a cabin near the town.
  2. Extollager

    Did Clark Ashton Smith write literature?

    Here is a place for people who know Smith's work better than I do to make the case for (or against) Smith as having written literature. This really means that one must make the case that at least one of Smith's stories qualifies as literature rather than subliterature. Remarks about Smith in...
  3. Die Math

    Rank your Top 10 Favorite Clark Ashton Smith Short Stories

    In this thread, please rank your ten favorite Clark Ashton Smith stories. Your favorite story should be numbered 1, while your less preferred stories should ascend down to the number 10. If you haven't read or like 10 of his stories, you don't have to fill out a complete list, but I will only...
  4. B

    Rereading Clark Ashton Smith

    He's one (y)writer that I can reread endlessly I find they never grow old. When I read his stories. I get lost in it, for what ever time I'm reading I can see nothing around me but what's in the story . I can visualize the fantastic worlds and dimensions that he creates and the characters...
  5. B

    Books and Stories and Poems That Influenced H P. Lovecraft, Clark Ashton Smith and Robert E. Howard

    I was initially going to make it about Lovecraft only . But I thought , why not all three? Since the three of them were tied to gather by a distant/close friendship of correspondence . What writers and their, books and stories , poems , influenced them, made them who they are ? And how...
  6. w h pugmire esq

    Clark Ashton Smith in Penguin Classics

    The publication date is ye 25th -- and although I have the book on pre-order at Amazon, I could not wait. I drove like a madman to S. T. Joshi's pad last night and stopped long enough to fetch a copy of ye book & have him sign it. I then rush'd home like a lunatic thing and devour'd ye book's...
  7. w h pugmire esq

    Clark Ashton Smith in Penguin Classics!

    In his newest blog, S. T. Joshi has announced that he has finally convinced Penguin Books to bring forth an edition of the poetry & prose of Clark Ashton Smith!!! CAS has long held reign as one of the three main writers of weird and fantastic fiction to emerge from the pages of Weird Tales (the...
  8. Fried Egg

    Question Re Clark Ashton Smith

    I have read the "Out of Space and Time" volumes 1 & 2 (Panther edition). But I'm wondering if there is much other weird fiction he has written that I should be looking out for? Given that I've read these, are there other collections worth reading?
  9. J

    Clark Ashton Smith Reading

    There's going to be a reading of some of Clark Ashton Smith's material on Nov. 12: Thought I'd post this for any of the Smith fans who might be on the West Coast and want to attend....
  10. J

    Complete Poetry of Clark Ashton Smith

    Well, along with the news on the Collected Essays of Lovecraft, there's also news about the first (actually third in the set, but first to be released) volume of the Complete Poetry and Translations of Clark Ashton Smith; this one contains all his translations from other poets, such as the...
  11. Teresa Edgerton

    Algernon Blackwood and Clark Ashton Smith

    Yes, I know there is a CAS thread somewhere about, but that one is moribund -- so castigate me how you will, I'm starting this one. I am currently alternating between short stories by Smith and stories by Algernon Blackwood, and although this is not my first experience of either writer, I'm...
  12. Brian G Turner

    Clark Ashton Smith

    Another golden age author here - the name is very familiar, but I'm not able to put any stories to the name. Although I have a list of books by him, I'm uncertain of the themes of his writing, and also what sort of influence he may have had. Can anyone please satiate my curiosity? :)