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  1. D

    Reccomend a book by CJ Cerryh and/or Poul Anderson.

    Both good SF Authors.
  2. 67zildjian

    Psychology of CJ Cherryh's works

    Why does everyone bash her style of prose? Why don't we discuss the psychological effects of the human element in each story. She reaches a depth of understanding human psychology in her alien building finesse that NO other author has ever achieved. Period. Nothing in her universes is over...
  3. Bick

    Cherryh's Chanur Series

    I've started reading this - only a few chapters in to The Pride of Chanur, so no spoilers please - and as there isn't a thread on this series, while there is for Morgaine and The Faded Sun, I figured it wouldn't hurt to give it its own thread. I'm so far loving this work, and its the most...
  4. J-Sun

    Cherryh Named Grand Master

    C.J. Cherryh Named SFWA Damon Knight Grand Master I actually thought to myself, "All right!" and got a happy charge when I came across the notice at Locus. This, SFWA or not, is the last remaining award that still has meaning to me and, while there are still more senior authors yet to get it...
  5. Teresa Edgerton

    C. J. Cherryh's Morgaine Books

    After Andre Norton's Witch World books, these were perhaps my first introduction to Science Fantasy. The complexity of the story, the politics, the characterization is, of course, on a much higher level. I think it was the emotional intensity of these books that hooked me, the fact that the...
  6. J-Sun

    CJ Cherryh Booklist w/Notes

    Inspired by a question Connavar had about Cherryh's works, here's a lengthy annotated list (initially taken from ISFDB but, obviously, much fiddled with - there are many lists which arrange her books in various ways but most of them seem to follow the marketing rather than actual contents) ...
  7. Nerds_feather

    CJ Cherryh - Rusalka and Chernevog

    anyone read these? i loved them in the 1990s, and am considering getting the updated ebook versions (she apparently did extensive new edits a few years ago). i remember thinking the pre-christian russia setting was really interesting... ...are those memories correct or incorrect?
  8. J-Sun

    Cherryh's Finity's End, Fletcher/Francesca Neihart

    This is driving me batty: does anyone know if Cherryh's dealt with Fletcher/Francesca Neihart before and, if so, which book? I'm currently (finally) reading Finity's End and their backstory seems really familiar but I can't place it. Can't find it in my books or get any sensible search results...
  9. Anthony G Williams

    The Pride of Chanur by C J Cherryh

    I have earlier reviewed a couple of Cherryh's books and during the discussion of one of them was advised to read her Chanur series, so I have made a start with the first of them, The Pride of Chanur. One of her earlier works (it was first published in 1981), it is short and fast-paced. This...
  10. Anthony G Williams

    Voyager in Night by C. J. Cherryh

    This 1984 book by Cherryh is uncharacteristic of most of her other work (at least, that with which I am familiar – I have by no means consumed all of her oeuvre). Three young prospectors are travelling in their makeshift spacecraft through a distant solar system when the fall into the path of a...
  11. dreir

    Author thread for CJ Cherryh?

    Okay.. somebody's probably asked this before, but I already did a search and didn't find the exact same question put forward. My question is; why isn't there an author thread/section specifically for CJ Cherryh? I think she more than deserves it (and I could argue she deserves it more than...
  12. Anthony G Williams

    Foreigner by C J Cherryh

    A lost colony ship, a desperate landfall on an unknown planet, and an intelligent native humanoid race with very different mental processes. These are the key elements of Cherryh's 1994 novel, the start of a series running to nine volumes so far (with more to come). I read a lot of Cherryh's...
  13. Teresa Edgerton

    Humans, aliens, and clones in the work of C. J. Cherryh

    It seems to me that one of Cherryh's great themes revolves around the question: What does it mean to be human? She does this by contrasting human and alien societies (in her SF), by contrasting characters who are human with those who merely look human but are quite obviously not (in her Fantasy...
  14. Connavar

    Faded Sun trilogy - CJ Cherryh

    Im just about to finish Kesrith. I wonder what those of you have read it thought. Since im only in the first book so far, no talk yet of the other two books please.
  15. The Wanderer

    Downbelow Station by CJ Cherryh

    Fascinating book so far, haven't finished it yet so try not to give me spoilers:eek: Discussions can begin despite that:cool:
  16. Addy

    C.J. Cherryh

    Among the over 60 books she wrote, which ones do you recommend? I have a chance to buy the following for a good price: The Chanur Saga (three first books in the series) The Faded Sun (3 first) Downbelow Station Merchanter's Luck Forge of Heaven Hammerfall Well of Shiuan Wave Without a...
  17. finvarre

    C J Cherryh books

    C J Cherryh bibliography Science fiction novels The Alliance-Union novels: The period of the Company Wars: Heavy Time Warner Books 1991 Hellburner Warner 1992 (these first two have fairly close connections (an omnibus edition, Devil to the Belt, DAW 2000) Downbelow Station: Hugo Winner...
  18. E

    C J Cherryh

    I'd just be interested to know what people's opinions are on C J Cherryh. Her Faded Sun series and Fortress series are among some of my favorite sf/fantasy books. I've just finished reading the first Morgaine book, which I quite liked. The hero was ok, although Cherryh was really mean to...
  19. S

    Cherryh, C.J.: Newest in Foreigner Series out Nov 6!

    Newest in Foreigner Series out Nov 6! Defender, the newest in the Foreigner series is due out 11/6. One will be buying it!