cixin liu

  1. Brian G Turner

    The Dark Forest by Cixin Lui

    I enjoyed The Three Body Problem, but I'm not sure about The Dark Forest as much. On the one hand, it was a reasonably interesting and enjoyable book for most of the time. However, once we reached the section with the teardrop I felt that the story had become unnecessarily contrived and that...
  2. Vince W

    Amazon in talks to produce The Three-Body Problem

    Reportedly for $1 billion US. Amazon wants to produce The Three-Body Problem
  3. Vertigo

    Death’s End by Liu Cixin

    Death’s End is the third book in Liu’s Three-Body Problem series (also referred to as Remembrance of Earth’s Past which was the name given to the series when it first appeared but by the second book the publishers were referring to it as the Three-Body Problem). As such my thoughts here will be...
  4. Vertigo

    The Three Body Problem by Cixin Liu

    I have seen some mixed reviews of The Three Body Problem but I simply loved it in so many ways. It is a first contact book with a major twist and I don’t mean an ending with a twist but rather a major twist on the normal first contact trope and it asks the question do we really want any other...
  5. Brian G Turner

    The Three-Body Problem by Cixin Liu

    I know this award-winning book has been mentioned quite a few times on chrons, but doesn't seem to have it's own thread... In the meantime, I've just noticed it's available to borrow for free from the Kindle lending library, for Amazon Prime and Kindle Unlimited customers. Not sure how long...