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  1. Vince W

    Christopher Priest

    Christopher Priest has passed away at the age of 80. RIP. The Prestige author Christopher Priest dies aged 80
  2. B

    Help identifying Christopher Priest novel please...

    Hello, Years ago, I read a haunting novel by Christopher Priest. It was set in Britain, and the one thing I remember about the plot was that ALL media content (TV & newspapers) was closely vetted by some shady (government?) agency before being allowed to be seen by the public. I've looked...
  3. Coragem

    Opinions on Christopher Priest please.

    Hi all: I'm looking for more challenging reads these days – very well written, ideally thought provoking with good characters, maybe something that plays about with narrative structure. I thought of trying The Separation or The Affirmation by Christopher Priest. What do people think? To say...
  4. Werthead

    The Adjacent by Christopher Priest

    The Adjacent by Christopher Priest
  5. zaltys13

    Christopher Priest.

    Hello everyone, I recentely picked up copies of The Affermation and The Prestige by this auther. Both from the SF Masterworks series. These are the first works of his that I have read. The Affermation I read quickly and found unsatisfying, The Prestige I have taken my time with, maybe as a...
  6. J-Sun

    Christopher Priest Calls for ACC Award Heads!

    Christopher Priest is pissed and Charles Stross is amused. I have to say, I was debating buying Hull Zero Three and I think Priest has finally convinced me to do so. He's also encouraged others to buy Rule 34 and I wouldn't rule that one out, either. That said, I haven't read anything on the...
  7. Werthead

    The Islanders by Christopher Priest

    The Dream Archipelago is a vast string of thousands of islands, wrapping themselves around the world between two great continents. Some of them are deserts, some are home to great cities and others have been riddled with tunnels and turned into gigantic musical instruments. The Islanders is...
  8. A

    An Evening with author Christopher Priest - Alt.Fiction

    Hi Everyone, Just wanted to pass on the latest Alt.Fiction news - on the 14th September, we'll be hosting a night with Christopher Priest at QUAD in Derby. There will be an exclusive pre-release reading and signing for The Islanders, as well as an introduced screening of The Prestige - should...
  9. Fried Egg

    Christopher Priest

    I couldn't find any threads discussing the work of Christopher Priest so I thought I'd start one. I haven't read anything by this author other than a short story entitled "I, Haruspex" which I thought was very good. I would love to hear some recommendations for novels and/or story collections...
  10. Werthead

    A Dream of Wessex by Christopher Priest

    Julia Stretton is a researcher for the Ridpath projection, a machine that has generated a completely convincing simulation of what the world may look like in the early 22nd Century. In the projection, the south-west of England has broken away from the rest of the island of Britain due to an...
  11. Werthead

    The Affirmation by Christopher Priest

    The Affirmation is the eighth novel by British SF author Christopher Priest, originally published in 1981. As with his later novels The Prestige and moreso The Separation, The Affirmation is a book about identity, truth, perception and perspective which rewards multiple readings and is open to...
  12. Anthony G Williams

    The Separation by Christopher Priest

    'The Separation' technically falls within the increasingly popular sub-genre (or would that be sub-sub-genre?) of alternate histories of World War 2. Since I have written one of those myself (The Foresight War) I read this book with more than usual interest. The overriding impression I formed...
  13. Werthead

    The Prestige by Christopher Priest

    The Prestige is the ninth novel by the British SF author Christopher Priest. It was first published in 1995 and won the World Fantasy Award for that year. It is Priest's best-known novel and apparently his most successful. An excellent film version by Christopher Nolan (Batman Begins, Memento)...
  14. Werthead

    The Separation by Christopher Priest

    The Separation is the eleventh and most recent novel by British SF author Christopher Priest, published in 2002 when it promptly won the Arthur C. Clarke Award, the BSFA Best Novel Award and the Grand Prix de l'Imaginaire. For reasons that remain unknown, the British publishers tried to kill the...
  15. Foxbat

    Inverted World

    By Christopher Priest Published 1974 Helward Mann lives in Earth City and, at the age of six hundred and fifty miles, has just been accepted as an apprentice within the Futures Guild. Emerging from the safety of the city that has always been his home, Mann discovers a world that is not as it...