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  1. Werthead

    America City by Chris Beckett

    America City
  2. S

    Review: Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

    5th May 2013 07:13 PM John J Brady Chris Beckett’s Dark Eden has been garnering many accolades. Having been the 2012 Sunday Times SF novel of the year, it was then shortlisted for the 2012 BSFA award, and now has won the Clarke Award. It tells the story of the Family, over five hundred...
  3. Ian Whates

    London Signing: Chris Beckett and Ian Whates

    It seems that signing events are like busses: none come along for an age and then... This Saturday, at the wondrous Forbidden Planet London Megastore in Shaftesbury Avenue, I shall be joined by (Arthur C Clarke shortlisted as of this morning) author Chris Beckett to scribble in and deface our...
  4. Jo Zebedee

    Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

    Firstly, this is my first attempt at a review, so bear with me. :o Dark Eden introduces us to a group of ancestors from a space crash 163 years previously. Clinging to legends of Earth, remaining in the valley the first survivors, Angela and Tommy, settled, life is hard: limited food; cold...
  5. Werthead

    Dark Eden by Chris Beckett

    Eden: a world of perpetual darkness, lit by fluorescent vegetation and headed by geothermal trees. Five hundred humans - the Family - live in an isolated valley. They are all descended from the same couple, Tommy and Angela, astronauts stranded on Eden one hundred and sixty years ago. As a...
  6. Werthead

    The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett

    The Holy Machine by Chris Beckett