charles stross

  1. msstice

    Singularity Sky – Stross (2003) Singularity Sky starts out strong, devolves into cliches and ends rather tamely. It has elements of hard science fiction, space military fiction, espionage thriller, a dash of steam punk with a minor sprinkling of...
  2. T

    Invisible Sun by Charles Stross

    What is it with this book!? I check the date on Amazon when it is to be released, mark it on my calendar, and when the date gets near they postpone it eight months or so. They just moved it from January to September. This is the third or fourth time. WHAT IS GOING ON?
  3. Vertigo

    Iron Sunrise by Charles Stross

    Iron Sunrise follows on from Singularity Sky but is a completely separate story. The same characters are there, Rachel, Martin and the Eschaton – a godlike post singularity AI – but the mystery they are investigating is completely different. An entire planet has been destroyed along with all of...
  4. Vertigo

    Singularity Sky by Charles Stross

    Set in a post singularity world where a machine intelligence had rapidly evolved to a godlike level and had, for reasons of its own, dispersed most of the human race around a huge area of space. Now several centuries later these scattered colonies having created their own planetary kingdoms and...
  5. Vertigo

    The Clan Corporate by Charles Stross

    In the Clan Corporate, the third in the Merchant Princes series from Charles Stross, the heroine Miriam is trapped both socially, by her position within the clan hierarchy, and physically after behaving in the most stupid ways imaginable and upsetting the Clan superiors. The result is a very...
  6. A

    The Jennifer Morgue-Charles Stross

    The Jennifer Morgue Charles Stross Ace, Jan 2009, $15.00 ISBN: 9780441016716 In 1975 needing something bigger than a marine assault carrier, the CIA with British support borrowed (their definition of the word; others might say eminent domain theft) Howard Hughes’s Glomar Explorer to raise a...
  7. A

    The Revolution Business-Charles Stross

    The Revolution Business Charles Stross Tor, Apr 2009, $24.95 ISBN: 9780765316721 The Clan Corporate believes they are invincible in spite of growing evidence that rebel activity from within their feudal system is growing rapidly. They base their logic on their magical ability to cross into...
  8. A

    Wireless-Charles Stross

    Wireless Charles Stross Ace, Jul 2009, $24.95 ISBN: 9780441017195 The nine entries affirm the author’s strong scientific and hi tech foundations that make his science fiction novels so fascinating. However, the contributions are uneven as some are really great while others feel more like a beta...
  9. A

    The Fuller Memorandum-Charles Stross

    The Fuller Memorandum Charles Stross Ace, Jul 6 2010, $24.95 ISBN: 9780441018673 Needing to come in from the cold to update the paper work, demonologist Bob Howard is stunned when the top secret The Fuller Memorandum vanishes. As shocking, his dedicated boss Angleton, who could scare the sh*t...
  10. A

    Rule 34-Charles Stross

    Rule 34 Charles Stross Ace, Jul 5 2011, $25.95 ISBN 9780441020348 In 2023, the police conduct 24/7 surveillance of the Internet as a crime prevention method in order to capture illegal porn peddlers. Edinburgh PD Detective Investigator Liz Kavanaugh heads the Rule 34 Crime Investigation Unit...
  11. A

    The Apocalypse Codex-Charles Stross

    The Apocalypse Codex Charles Stross Ace, Jul 4 2012, $25.95 ISBN 9781937007461 Due to his incredible field performance in spite of himself (see The Fuller Memorandum), the Laundry top brass considers Bob Howard as a strong managerial candidate. To mentor him, they assign reluctant Bob to the...
  12. Caledfwlch

    The "Laundry" series by Charles Stross

    Hello! Is anyone else into the Laundry series of books by the British Author Charles Stross? They are set in the modern day/near future, but the concept is of a cold war style spy thriller, but in a world where magic and "demons" are real. And they are also very much in the Horror genre with a...
  13. Vertigo

    The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross

    The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross (4/5 stars) Think Lovecraft meets Len Deighton meets geeks anonymous. Lovecraft inspired monsters and demons (tentacles always popular) from other universes combated by The Laundry; a bureaucratic top secret organisation (“As far as the public knows, the...
  14. tylenol4000

    Charles Stross Space Opera

    I recently read Glasshouse and loved it (I'm trying to find an author I like as much as Philip k Dick, and Stross could potentially be the one!). I'm curious, would Glasshouse be considered Space Opera? Anyways, what I'm really wondering about is his earlier Space Opera novels, like...
  15. Ian Whates

    Fables from the Fountain reviewed: Neil Gaiman, Stross etc

    A great review of the Fables from the Fountain anthology has been posted on 'The Future Fire' site. Thanks to whoever is responsible. I'm glad they enjoyed the warmth and humour of the stories as well as the invention and adventure...
  16. Ian Whates

    Signed limited editions: Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, Dan Abnett, Lauren Beukes etc

    Two new anthologies have just been announced by NewCon Press (okay, yes, that's me :o) One, themed on conflict, features new SF stories from our own Stephen Palmer, plus Dan Abnett, Tony Ballantyne, Lauren Beukes, Adam Roberts, Eric Brown, Philip Palmer, Kim Lakin-Smith etc...
  17. Ian Whates

    Arthur C Clarke tribute: Neil Gaiman, Charles Stross, Stephen Baxter et al

    Fables from the Fountain Edited by Ian Whates A volume of all original stories written as homage to Arthur C. Clarke’s classic Tales from the White Hart, featuring many of today’s top genre writers. The Fountain, a traditional London pub situated in Holborn, just off Chancery Lane, where...
  18. O

    Stross - Merchant Princes

    I just finished book 6 The Trade of Queens. Does anyone know if that is it? It seems like it sort of wraps up the series and he did not finish the book with a major cliff hanger like usual. On the other hand it has room to continue.
  19. Hedge

    Charles Stross

    Hi everyone, Came across this authour while browsing SF/Fantasy books today.Can anyone advise me on where to start ?.:confused:
  20. S

    Stross: How is his newer work?

    I see Stross is nominated for a hugo yet again with his latest novel. The only work I've read by him was "Singularity Sky" and was extremely disappointed after reading all the raving reviews. His characters were poorly developed and uninteresting. The plotline was slow and predictable. The...