charles dickens

  1. Brian G Turner

    Great Expectations by Charles Dickens

    I remember reading Great Expectations by Charles Dickens in English class when I was 14 years old, and really enjoying it - it was literature! And who could forget a character like Miss Haversham? So, looking for some comfort reading I picked it up recently expecting to fondly return to an...
  2. Extollager

    Charles Dickens's The Mystery of Edwin Drood (1870)

    Interested people may discuss here Dickens's final, and unfinished, novel.
  3. Extollager

    LITTLE DORRIT by Charles Dickens (1855-1857)

    I read this major novel by Dickens 15 years ago. My impression is that I thought it was really good, but was not the book most people should pick as their first Dickens. It seemed to me, as I recall, that Dickens was reining in his characteristics of bizarre characters and brooding melodrama...
  4. Extollager

    Discuss Dickens's Novellas, Short Stories, and Journalism

    Elsewhere there's a thread for discussing Dickens's 14 and a half novels: Ranking the Novels of Dickens Here, we have a place to discuss shorter works, of the length of A Christmas Carol or shorter. Off the top of my had, I would say these include The Chimes The Cricket on the Hearth The...
  5. Extollager

    Ranking the Novels of Dickens

    Dickens wrote fourteen completed novels plus a substantial fifteenth, The Mystery of Edwin Drood, which I will count as a novel in the simple ranking below. Missing from my list is Dombey and Son (1846-1848), which I haven't read. I didn't care to attempt to rank each novel individually, but I...
  6. Extollager

    Charles Dickens's David Copperfield (1850)

    I've begun a rereading, and perhaps some Chronsfolk would like to comment on this novel too. I think everyone agrees about the magic of the opening chapters with the young boy's experiences. People who haven't read the book or haven't read it in a while may suppose these pages are...
  7. Extollager

    Dickens's Journalism 1850-1870

    To complement a thread devoted to Charles Dickens's first book, Sketches by Boz, here's a thread for his nonfiction writing in his last 20 years of life, including "Night Walks"! I will use the Penguin Classics book Selected Journalism 1850-1870...
  8. Extollager

    The Dickens & Dostoevsky Hoax Exposed

    Interesting article from the Guardian. The man behind the great Dickens and Dostoevsky hoax | Books | The Guardian
  9. Bick

    Hardback Dickens series?

    Not a SF/F question, I'm afraid, but there are so many knowledgeable readers of all genres here I thought I'd ask: Is there a good, definitive, hardback collection of Dickens novels that anyone knows of or recommends? Penguin classics do a hardback series with nice cloth covers which is the...
  10. GOLLUM

    Mr. Charles Dickens The Pickwick Papers (1836 - 1837)

    Second off the rank then for March is The Pickwick Papers and the first 'novel' by Mr. Dickens published originally in serial format as 19 issues over a 20 month period of March 1836 - October 1837. This is one of his I have read before but it was some while back, so I will definitely be...
  11. GOLLUM

    Happy Birthday Mr Dickens!

    Charles John Huffman Dickens, 7 February 1812 - 9 June 1870. As I'm currently involved in following a reading schedule that includes several of Dickens' novels in 2012, I couldn't let the day marking the Great Victorian writer's 200 Birthday go by without being noted....:) For anyone who may...
  12. GOLLUM

    Dickens Reading List for 2012

    Hello all, After some thoguht I have decided that it is unrealistic to try and read the majority of Dickens' novels in 2012. To this end, following is a revised reading list, which I shall follow for this year. The aim is to provide a minimum 1 month 'discussion window' with the list provided...
  13. GOLLUM

    Sketches By Boz - (Charles Dickens 1833 - 36)

    Hello all, As some of you would already be aware Mr. Charles Dickens celebrates his 200th anniversary this year (February 7, 1812). To this end we will be conducting monthly (more or less) discussions focusing primairly on his novels ( we may introduce a seperate short story thread in...
  14. GOLLUM

    Sketches By Boz - Charles Dickens

    Hi all, As a result of recent discussions regarding the upcoming bicentennial of the birth (Feb 7, 1812) of Charles Dickens this is a thread whose main purpose is to discuss Dickens' first published book in 1836, preceding all 14 of his subsequent novels and featuring the rather lovely...