catherine asaro

  1. Jade44

    Catherine Asaro - Another Undrerrated Writer?

    I noted a thread commenting on the fact that one of the most published SF authors, David Weber, did not have his own subforum. The same seems to be true of Miss Asaro whose brilliant saga of the Skolian Empire has gotten her one Nebula Award so far as well as a couple of other nominations...
  2. Anthony G Williams

    Primary Inversion by Catherine Asaro

    This is the first novel set in Asaro's award-winning and continuing Skolian Empire series. I posted a general review of the series on this blog in July 2007 and a review of another of the novels, The Ruby Dice, in May 2010. I went into some detail concerning the background to the series in my...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    The Ruby Dice, by Catherine Asaro

    I previously reviewed Catherine Asaro's Skolian Empire space-opera series in July 2007 (see the review list in the panel on my blog) so I won't repeat the background to the stories here. Suffice to say that The Ruby Dice is the twelfth novel in the series, with a thirteenth (Diamond Star)...
  4. Anthony G Williams

    The Skolian Empire series by Catherine Asaro

    Catherine Asaro is building up (11 novels so far) a modern version of the traditional space opera, featuring empires locked in conflict, ancient technology, vast space battles, psionic powers and romance. While focusing on one extended family of powerful psions, the novels vary in the characters...
  5. amara

    Catherine Asaro

    Has anyone read The Charmed Sphere and Misted Cliffs? What did you think of them, i thought they had some interesting ideas, about magic working with shapes and colours.