c s lewis

  1. Rumi_fan

    I liked Chronicles of Narnia and I am an adult. Is it something wrong?

    I know this is children's book but I liked this book so much.
  2. Extollager

    Walter Hooper, C. S. Lewis scholar

    I'd quibble with "literary secretary" as the best term to describe Hooper's significance. Whatever term one uses, he produced a tall stack of indispensable collections of Lewis's work and saw some interesting posthumous work into print too. I particularly appreciate the three hefty volumes of...
  3. C

    Favorite Christian Fantasy Authors

    The following is a list of my favorite Christian fantasy authors. Feel free to add a few of your own. Here's the list: 1) Stephen Lawhead 2) Karen Hancock 3) Patrick Carr 4) Jill Williamson :giggle:
  4. Toby Frost

    That Hideous Strength by C.S. Lewis

    That Hideous Strength really is one of the weirdest books I've ever read. It's closer to a kind of horror fantasy than real SF, and contains several really unsettling scenes and a terrific cast of villains (who, I suspect, each embody something Lewis didn't like). Interestingly, it was reviewed...
  5. chongjasmine

    Chronicles of Narnia

    I had just watch prince caspian movie. I had heard that the chronicle of narnia was a series of children's books. Well, do you recommend them to an adult like me? Also, which of the narnia's books is the most exciting, and which, the most dull?