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  1. Dan Jones

    Episode 16 - Excalibur with Bryan Wigmore

    Merlin's Beard! What better topic to talk about as we enter the springtime and the regeneration of the land than Excalibur and the legend of Arthur, King of the Britons, who is prophesied to restore the land to verdance and glory and who knows much about the average velocity of unladen swallows...
  2. Brian G Turner

    The Empyreus Proof discussion (Spoilers!)

    I had a lot of questions after finishing The Empyreus Proof by Bryan Wigmore - I thought I might mention some of the main ones that came to me in this thread for discussion: 1. Tashi - loved the way he saved himself in the house - but was disappointed to see him tricked into possession near...
  3. Brian G Turner

    Review: The Empyreus Proof by Bryan Wigmore

    A pseudo-Victorian setting. A deep and mystical shamanism. And a wonderfully intricate plot. Welcome to The Empyreus Proof. The Goddess Project was an original and excellent book, but the sequel manages to be even better. All the familiar characters are back - Orc and Cass, Tashi, Ranga...
  4. HareBrain

    The Empyreus Proof cover reveal! And, oh yeah, out now

    Here it is, sequel to The Goddess Project and Book Two of the Fire Stealers sequence. Grappling with the aftermath of the Skalith crisis, Orc and Cass Strandborn are shocked to discover its true instigators, and those behind their tormenting amnesia – a shadowy cabal of occultists who mean...
  5. The Bluestocking

    THE GODDESS PROJECT in Fantasy-Faction's Top 50 Fantasy Books of 2017!

    Congratulations to our very own @HareBrain on THE GODDESS PROJECT being selected for Fantasy-Faction's Top 50 Fantasy books of 2017: Fantasy-Faction’s Best Fantasy Books of 2017 | Fantasy-Faction He's in excellent company alongside Aliette de Bodard, Nnedi Okorafor, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Marie...
  6. nixie

    Goddess Project; Bryan Wigmore

    I know there must be a thread dedicated to this book somewhere but I'm too lazy to search. I think the author occasionally posts here. I've started this today and so far finding it completely different from my usual reads. Enjoyable so far although I'm finding Orc annoying,this could change as...
  7. The Judge

    The Goddess Project -- Virtual Book Club Discussion

    WARNING: SPOILERS LIKELY THROUGHOUT It's six months since The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore, aka our very own HareBrain, was published, and a good many of us here on Chrons have now read it. So I thought it would be a good time for us to have a Virtual Book Club session and start...
  8. The Judge

    The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore

    I’ve had real problems producing this review for TGP, three of them in fact. The first problem: I wanted to produce a witty, insightful piece which would both do justice to this brilliant novel and immediately persuade everyone reading it to go and buy a copy. Wit and insight being in short...
  9. Brian G Turner

    Review: The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore

    This is a really unique, intriguing, and well-written fantasy. For a start, the main story centres around a pair of young divers - Cass and Orc - who can't remember who they are, or even if they were siblings or lovers. They believe that exploring sunken ziggurats will lead them to an artefact...
  10. HareBrain

    The Goddess Project ebook only £1.99 this week

    Any ditherers, this is your chance. The Goddess Project eBook: Bryan Wigmore: Kindle Store That's not much more than a penny per thousand words! And some of those words have a dollar value of a penny each! High-value verbiage includes soulscape, dreadnought, tentacles...
  11. HareBrain

    The Goddess Project paperback now available

    After a delay that felt much longer to me than it actually was, the paperback of The Goddess Project, published by Snowbooks, is in the wild. Available at: Amazon UK (including some third-party sellers at less than RRP; also note delivery should be quicker than they're currently claiming)...
  12. Brian G Turner

    Interview with Bryan Wigmore

    Rather that a straight Q/A, Bryan Wigmore talks about how his ideas behind The Goddess Project came into being - especially through the interference of Otter: JoZebwrites: DOGGED BY OTTER I'm currently reading The Goddess Project, and the treatment of Astral Projection and spirit guides has...
  13. HareBrain

    The Goddess Project cover reveal

    Hope you all like blue! (Book out Jan 2)
  14. HareBrain

    The Goddess Project by Bryan Wigmore

    I'm pleased to announce that my novel, first of a series called The Fire Stealers, is due to be published by Snowbooks in January 2017. This is a story I started not long before I joined here -- my fifth or sixth post was a request for a critique of its opening (this was long before the thirty...