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  1. Brian G Turner

    9 days...

    Well, the family has gone away to the "in-laws" - I pick them up again in 10 days. I'm going to try and ensure that I use this free time to finish "Emperor". Should be around 10k-20k words left to write. See if I can finish it now. :)
  2. M

    Music discussion

    Ah how vigilant of me - only just noticed these are the same tracks as before ;) Once again nice use Strauss-esque Timp at the start of the track "Empire", remember liking it in "On The Wing Of A Night Thunderstorm" before. Been messing around with some medieval themes on my guitar actually...
  3. Brian G Turner


    Thanks for the heads up on those grammar errors in chapters 1 and 2 - I'll get them fixed tomorrow. Thanks again. :)
  4. Brian G Turner


    If you'd like to give any feedback no the entire issue of Chronicles of Empire, then feel free to post your comments here. I don't mind at all if it's critical. Frankly, the more the better. I already know that there are issues with the writing I need to address precisely because some people...