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    Any updates on book 2?

    Title kind of says it all. I'm even willing to purchase from Amazon (which I try not to)
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    Who soiled their armor?

    I got a little confused. I thought it was Dal, but then it is Ulric who is washing his underwear and uncomfortable because he put them back on wet. I also wanted to let you know that I gave the book 5 stars on Barnes and Noble. I really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one. As I...
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    Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) now available for Kobo and Nook

    Just a heads up that Gathering (Chronicles if Empire 1) is now available as an ebook on both the Kobo and Nook platforms: Nook (Barnes & Noble): Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) Kobo (UK): Gathering eBook by Brian G Turner - Kobo Kobo (USA): Gathering eBook by Brian G Turner - Kobo Kobo...
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    US paperback of Gathering *finally* available

    After nearly 3 months of technical problems with Amazon, the US paperback for Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) is now finally available! Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1): Brian G Turner: 9780995625716: Books
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    Brian's 2017 reading list

    I'm going to list and give brief comment to each of the books I read this year, as a follow up to my 2016 reading list here: 2016 Reading List | SFF Chronicles (The info is also now available here on Goodreads: Brian’s Year in Books - and in my Goodreads reviews archive: Brian Turner's...
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    Chronicles of Empire (books) trailer music

    I listen to a lot of film soundtrack and film trailer music, and some of it especially helps inspire my thinking on the Chronicles of Empire series. However, there's a track for each book in the main arc that I often listen to, and imagine I'm watching a trailer. This helps me imagine scenes...
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    Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) now only 99p/99c

    I ran a Kindle Countdown deal over Christmas that was reasonably successful, so for the time being I've reduced the price for Gathering to just 99p/99c for the time being. By way of an apology, I'm extending the offer of a free ebook of the sequel, Awakening, to anyone who has already bought a...
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    Brian G Turner interview

    @thaddeus6th has done a detailed interview with me here: Thaddeus the Sixth: Interview with Brian Turner I made a point that I wouldn't do an interview with anyone unless they'd read my work and could ask me about it. Which is exactly what he did. :)
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    Gathering Commentary 2: Chapter 1 (Spoiler free)

    The second part of my commentaries on Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) continues with chapter 1: PART 1: DANGEROUS PEOPLE ^ The sudden break after the opening chapter, then switch to a new character, should hopefully alert the reader that the opening chapter was actually a prologue. ^...
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    About the Chronicles of Empire series

    A couple of people have asked about how many books there will be for the Chronicles of Empire series. The honest answer is that I'm not quite sure - simply because I don't know how much of my writing will go under the Chronicles of Empire banner, and how much will go under different ones. The...
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    Gathering Commentary 1: Prologue (Spoiler free)

    I'm going to do an author commentary on the first two chapters of Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1), to show some of the writing decisions I made, and why. Different writers have their own emphasis and way of doing things - I'm simply going to show mine. :) Note: I'll be using the UK edition...
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    Claim your free copy of Awakening (Chronicles of Empire 2)

    As a special thank you to everyone who has currently bought - or is about to buy - Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1), I'd like to provide a limited time offer to get your hands on a free ebook copy of Awakening (Chronicles of Empire 2), which is due to be released in just over 18 months. As...
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    Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) is now available

    A group of young travellers come together on a promise of work in the city of Corianth. They intend to discover their dreams and fortunes. Instead, they'll be snared in a conspiracy, and left fighting for their lives... Sirath is on the run. Erin wrestles with her faith. Dalathos seeks his...
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    Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) available for pre-order

    Just to let everyone know that the ebook for Gathering (Chronicles of Empire 1) will be officially released on November 7th, and is now available to pre-order from Amazon: As I'm not able to hold the paperback back for pre-order...
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    Gathering - first reviews

    The first review of Gathering has been posted to Goodreads, which is nice - even better that it's 5 stars. :) A review of Gathering Of course, I appreciate that it's not going to be to everyone's tastes - someone else I sent an arc out to bounced it back today as not their thing, which is...
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    Chronicles of Empire - soundtrack music

    During the late 1990's I composed a soundtrack album for Chronicles of Empire - Gathering. I'm not going to claim it's any good - I don't know music theory and I tend to compose by playing with one finger. However, I always hear music, and this was something that possessed me for some time...
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    GATHERING (Chronicles of Empire 1) cover reveal

    And so it begins...
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    Why I'm self-publishing

    I began 2016 with the intention of submitting to agents, and getting a traditional publishing deal this year. But the first problem I encountered is that agents specialising in sf/f have little interest in epic fantasy. Which doesn't make sense when you think how successful that subgenre is -...
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    Chapter Previews

    Hey I was wondering why the author doesn't post chapter samples of Chronicles on the main site. It would give us all a taste of what he has in store for us.
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    Just a few quick questions...

    I admit to not having carefully read ALL of the information about the chronicles of empire... But when, and by whom and where are they going to be released? I am very interested in reading, so... :)