brian aldiss

  1. Bick

    Cryptozoic by Brian Aldiss

    Cryptozoic - Brian Aldiss Cryptozoic (1967) is an early Brain Aldiss book, written in the height of the 'new wave' of British SF, when demonstrating how clever you were as an author seemed to be important. It's an interesting read, not because it's very good (it isn't) but because it manages...
  2. AE35Unit

    Starswarm by Brian Aldiss (1964)

    Starswarm is a story of the fate of future mankind, who has left Earth for space, their descendants now living within the Starswarm. Starswarm is divided into Sectors (Sector Vermilion, Sector Green etc.) and each of these forms a connecting Prologue, in italics, to each story, to make the whole...
  3. D

    Helliconia Winter - The Ending

    I'll put this question in a spoiler in case there are readers who have not read Helliconia Winter...
  4. D


    Read this book on the weekend. Published 1958. Very good story. Recommended. Couldn't help but think of that Canadian science fiction TV series "The Starlost" while reading this book. Ah, if only that TV show could have been anywhere near the quality of Non-Stop. I saw it again last year on...
  5. D

    New Wave...Brian Aldiss...Intangibles Inc

    When on holidays, I'll often pop into any used book store that I come across for a quick peek at the science fiction shelves. I recently came away from one store with a collection of short stories by Brian Aldiss called Starswarm, and two copies of Asimovs Science Fiction (Feb 2013 & Oct/Nov...
  6. Nozzle Velocity

    The Saliva Tree by Brian Aldiss

    After a few decades, I finally re-read "The Saliva Tree", Brian Aldiss's homage to H. G. Wells. This novella, first appearing in The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction (Nov 1965), seamlessly combines many elements of the first few years of the Wells canon. The Island of Dr. Moreau, The...
  7. Caliban

    Brian Aldiss (1925-2017)

    SF legend Brian Aldiss has died. Brian Aldiss dies aged 92 | The Bookseller
  8. AE35Unit

    Penguin Science Fiction ed. Brian Aldiss

    This is a collection of 12 stories by numerous authors writing in the 1950s, the book itself published in 1961 (my copy is dated 1965) Link to the blog: Open the pod-bay doors...: Penguin Science Fiction ed. by Brian Aldiss Sole Solution, Eric Frank Russell A very short story, just 3 pages...
  9. Extollager

    Brian Aldiss plagiarism?

    Here is an excerpt from Gustav Krist's Alone Through the Forbidden Land (English translation by Lorimer, 1939): ---If you want to brew it [tarantula schnapps] you catch a number of poisonous spiders, put them in a glass, and throw in some scraps of dried apples or apricots. The furious brutes...
  10. Anthony G Williams

    The Inner Landscape, by Peake, Ballard and Aldiss

    This rather odd little 1970 Corgi anthology (previously published by Allison & Busby in 1969) consists of three novellas by famous authors, without any editorial foreward to explain them, just a few portenteous phrases on the cover about eerie worlds and strange landscapes in which man himself...
  11. Vince W

    Brian Aldiss in The Telegraph

    The Telegraph does an interview with one of the greats.
  12. Donna Scott

    BSFA/SFF AGM Saturday June 6th 2015

    Hello! Just popping on to let forum members know about this, if you don't already. The Science Fiction Foundation (SFF), the British Science Fiction Association (BSFA), and the Imperial College Science Fiction and Fantasy Society (ICSF) will be holding a joint 2015 mini-convention on...
  13. Aun Doorback

    Brian Aldiss

    Having taken a brief break from my writing I fell upon the books Greybeard and Hothouse and greedily consumed them. I'm sure I read Hothouse as a child but I was blown away by the sheer creativity of a world dominated by plants. Greybeard was a different tale and slightly dated by the age it...
  14. hitmouse

    Brian Aldiss: my life in book covers – in pictures

    The veteran author Brian Aldiss says that his latest book, Finches of Mars, will be his last science-fiction novel. Here he looks back on a career which has spanned more than six decades and conjured up a planet with two suns, a mysterious age-old city where women can fly and the second...
  15. Fried Egg

    Brian Aldiss - short and long fiction

    Long fiction, would have to be the "Helliconia" trilogy. Short story, probably ""Incentive".
  16. AE35Unit

    Greybeard by Brian Aldiss (1964)

    Greybeard (1964) by Brian Aldiss. I read this years ago, or tried to but I didnt get it at the time and probably didnt finish it back then. This time however I found it very enjoyable! Basically its set in about the 2030s, 50 years after a nuclear accident when bombs were set off in space...
  17. Anthony G Williams

    Hothouse by Brian Aldiss

    Brian Aldiss was one of the "New Wave" of British SF authors in the 1960s, signalling a break from traditional SF themes towards more experimental fiction. Aldiss himself alternated between mainstream and genre fiction and is regarded as a "literary" author, with a high critical reputation...
  18. Omphalos

    Greybeard, by Brian Aldiss

    The first time I ever read anything by Brian Aldiss I was in London. I was there for an extended "escape the States" vacation that actually turned into a working vacation coupled with as much hoboing as I could fit in. It was back in 1990 which doesn't feel like too long ago to me, at least...
  19. Werthead

    The Helliconia Trilogy by Brian W. Aldiss

    Helliconia Spring
  20. AE35Unit

    The Canopy of Time by Brian Aldiss

    The Canopy of Time is a collection of 11 stories from 1959 (previously known as Galaxies Like Grains of Sand). This NEL edition from the '70s has a rather nice Bruce Pennington cover. To quote Aldiss "they are all slices off the enormous carcass of the future, arranged chronologically from a...