bill napier

  1. Anthony G Williams

    The Furies by Bill Napier

    This is the fifth (and so far, last) novel by astronomer Bill Napier, the others all having been reviewed here earlier (see review list on the left for links). It emerged in 2009, six years after the previous one (Shattered Icon). The story begins in the present day with some mysterious deaths...
  2. Anthony G Williams

    Shattered Icon, by Bill Napier

    Bill Napier first came to my attention when I read The Lure, reviewed here two years ago, which I said was "one of the most thoughtful, realistic and exciting first contact novels I've ever read." Shattered Icon (also sold as Splintered Icon) is the fourth of his books I've read. As is often...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    Revelation by Bill Napier

    This is the third of Bill Napier's novels I have reviewed here (although the second he wrote), with two more still in the reading pile. I was deeply impressed by the first one I read, which was his fourth novel, Lure (keep up at the back!). The first novel, Nemesis, was also good although a bit...
  4. Anthony G Williams

    Nemesis by Bill Napier

    Having read and enthusiastically reviewed Bill Napier's The Lure, I promptly ordered all of his earlier books, of which the first to be published was Nemesis. The setting is the near future, and the basic plot element a familiar one: a giant asteroid is believed to be on a collision course with...
  5. Anthony G Williams

    The Lure by Bill Napier

    The Lure was first published in 2002, and is Bill Napier's fourth novel. The time is the present and the action starts in a vast underground lake beneath Slovakia's Tatra mountains. This has been comprehensively instrumented for an Anglo-Soviet research project aimed at detecting traces of the...