bernard cornwell

  1. Vertigo

    The Winter King by Bernard Cornwell

    The Winter King is the first book in Cornwell’s Arthurian trilogy presenting the reader with a believable take on the legend that is firmly grounded in the history of the times. The post Roman Britons are being displaced by the invading Saxons, the remnants of druidic religion have never really...
  2. Vertigo

    War Lord by Bernard Cornwell

    Wyrd bið ful ãræd The last book in what I will continue to call the Saxon Tales (also know as the Warrior Chronicles and The Last Kingdom series) and if not the best of them then It’s certainly up there. Uhtred is getting old now and thoroughly weary of warfare, but it seems the Alfred dynasty...
  3. Narkalui

    Sword Of Kings-SPOILERS

    So I finally picked this up in paperback. Uhtred is now 67 years old and oblivious to it (my other half's grandfather cycled competitively well into his 70's and was beating men fifty years his junior so maybe not so unbelievable). I liked this one because Uhtred seems now to doubt himself. Is...
  4. The Big Peat

    The Flame Bearer by Bernard Cornwell

    The Flame Bearer is the 10th book in Bernard Cornwell's series about his fictional creation and ancestor, Uhtred of Bebbanburg. By now the young hot tempered killer who struggled between his loyalties in the first books is older and wiser, and the continual burr against his skin that was Alfred...
  5. Vertigo

    Sword Song by Bernard Cornwell

    Sword Song is the fourth book in Cornwell’s Saxon Tales, aka Warrior Chronicles aka Last Kingdom (I prefer Saxon Tales as that at least gives some hint as to the content and period), and is the on-going story of the evolution of the kingdom of England from the old kingdom of Wessex as seen...
  6. Brian G Turner

    Bernard Cornwell interview

    An interview with Bernard Cornwell in the Daily Mail... Bernard Cornwell was subjected to abuse by his Christian zealot adoptive parents | Daily Mail Online which there's also an interesting reveal about The Last Kingdom series... :)
  7. Vertigo

    The Pale Horseman by Bernard Cornwell

    This is my second book by Cornwell and the second in the Saxon Stories series (aka The Last Kingdom) and it comfortably lives up to its predecessor. After his success at Cynuit at the end of the last book, Untred fails to capitalise on it and credit for that victory is taken by another but...
  8. Vertigo

    The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell

    This was my first Barnard Cornwell book and I simply loved it; I can really find little to fault in it. I’m no expert on history but this had the feel of an extremely well researched book and in an afterword Cornwell discusses some of the historical decisions he took where there is doubt or...
  9. svalbard

    Bernard Cornwell's Saxon Series on TV

    BBC - BBC Two announces new drama series, The Last Kingdom - Media centre I would have much preferred they made his Warlord Chronicles into a TV series, but this will do.
  10. Werthead

    The Warlord Chronicles Trilogy by Bernard Cornwell

    My take on The Warlord Chronicles series by Bernard 'Sharpe' Cornwell. And yes, it is fantasy, for all of its 'realistic' trappings, there is at least one act of pure OTT magic that firmly places it in-genre.
  11. nj1

    Bernard Cornwell - Saxon books

    Has anyone else read the Saxon cronicles by BC? I've currently read the first four books and can't wait for the next installment. Which of the four do you think is the best?
  12. kcs_hiker

    Bernard Cornwell

    when starting his Sharpe's seriess, should I start with his first published (Sharpe's Rifles) or the first chronological (Sharpe's Tiger)? Should I just get both? heh:D
  13. H

    Bernard cornwell.

    anyone read his books? I came across his books and they seem interesting. medival settings, right? I came across his warlord chronicles.
  14. D

    What do you offer for a GRRM and B.Cornwell fan?

    Im huge fan of Bernard Cornwell and G.R.R. Martin so im asking other fellows who love especially these authors, What do you read these days ? and can offer for same style action packed novels
  15. Lacedaemonian

    Who is your favourite Bernard Cornwell character?

    I haven't read all of Bernard Cornwell's works but so far my favourite Cornwell character is without a shadow of doubt Derfel from the Warlord Chronicles Trilogy. Not only is he the narrator of the story but he is also the hero (from his perspective).
  16. Lacedaemonian

    Bernard Cornwell

    Having read his Grail Quest Trilogy, which was absolutely fantastic, I am now reading his Warlord Chronicles Trilogy. The Warlord Chronicles is about King Arthur, but paints a much more realistic picture of Arthur, Britain and the times. The book is quite slow moving but the sheer depth of...