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    Life Beyond 2001 for Arthur C. Clarke

    FromFrontier By Scott McDonald COLOMBO (Reuters) - There is life beyond 2001 for Arthur C. Clarke. The visionary, science fiction sage and eccentric has just turned 84. But the author of ``2001, A Space Odyssey'' still has an eye on the future while also enjoying his past delicious...
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    Arthur C Clarke's Short Stories

    Clarke's Short Stories Does anyone read any of Clarke's shorter works? They are brilliant. He has 6 short story anthologies. There are really great collections and very entertaining. I particularly liked Expedition to Earth. There is one story called Superiority that is really wonderful.
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    Satellite communication patent (Arthur C Clarke)

    Science Fiction is by definition, based upon postulated scientific discoveries or environmental changes. Numerous authors have predicted things, which have ultimately come true. In 1945 Arthur C Clarke predicted satellite communications. He is often asked why he didn't patent the idea. In an...
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    Rama (Arthur C Clarke) to be a film
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    Bibliography (Arthur C Clarke)

    You can find a very good Clarke's bibliography here:
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    Rama (Arthur C Clarke)

    Anyone read the four rama books. The first written by Arthur C Clarke and the next 3 (which are all much longer) written by Arthur C Clarke and Gentry Lee. The first one is true Arthur c clarke, hard hitting science fiction. The next 3 take a much slower pace on the sci-fi but explore so much...