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  1. AE35Unit

    Rendezvous with Rama gets filmed,finally!

    OK so its a mini film, and they donyt get to go inside but well, its a start! Arthur C. Clarke's "Rendezvous With Rama" Gets The Film School Treatment - Movies - io9 the-film-school-treatment
  2. AE35Unit

    The Sands of Mars by Arthur C Clarke (1951)

    In The Sands of Mars the red planet is in the midst of colonisation with regular trips from the Earth. There are numerous domes for the burgeoning colonists with more being added. Martin Gibson is a science fiction writer and he decides to spend his money on a trip to the red planet which is...
  3. AE35Unit

    The Sands of Mars

    I'm about halfway thru this one-one of the few Clarke books I hadnt read and after much searching (it seems the book is like hen's teeth) I got the Space Trilogy from Amazon. I'm enjoying it so far-theyve just landed on mars after stopping off at Deimos, and one of the shocks I had, for a Clarke...
  4. AE35Unit

    A Tour of Arthur's Office

    Today marks the second anniversary of the great man's passing and I found this rather touching video. Arthur C Clarke's Office: Colombo, Sri Lanka on Vimeo
  5. Werewoman

    ACC and the upside of abject poverty... spend a lot of time at the public library which I haven't done in many years.... My son, Jared, and I are both reading the 2001 series and he is finishing 2061 while I just finished 2010. I'm a little embarrassed that as a major science fiction fan I have not read them before. Of...
  6. weirdside

    Finished My First Clarke Novel

    I'm slogging my way through all the books that have won both the Hugo and Nebula, and I just finished Rendezvous with Rama. I found it enjoyable, albeit lacking conflict. The science was spot on and not too overblown like it is in most modern hard sf pieces, which was very refreshing. I just...
  7. W

    Profiles of the Future

    Hi, I read Profiles of the Future long ago, and can remember Clarke writing a bit about his hobby of collecting historical instances where leading scientists of the day made wrong judgements about the future possibility of things like manned flight and leaving the Earth's atmosphere. I don't...
  8. C

    Does Anyone have the full text of his parody poem...?

    In his book about making 2001, he writes a poem based on Coleridge's Kubla Khan, I can neither remember nor find it and it's been bugging me for years as I thought it was brilliant. It begins... For MGM did Kubrick, Stan A stately astrodome decree While Art, the science writer, ran...
  9. AE35Unit

    Lest we forget thee oh Arthur

    Hard to believe its been a year today since he died. Time flies eh!
  10. Moonbat

    Rama - Question on Tidal Wave - Spoilers

    Hey, I am reading Rama at the moment (the first one, although my book doesn't say rendezvous) and have just had the earthquake. Hub reported it to the rescue raft on the sea, then they see a tidal wave approaching them from further round the sea. My question is, and I hope I'm wrong because...
  11. AlanMintaka

    Question for collectors RE The City and The Stars, 1st edition

    Hi Everyone, Like a lot of folks who post in this forum, I've been reading Clarke since I was a kid. In my case this corresponds to the time when some of his books were first being published. The City and The Stars is a case in point. My local library had a copy of the first American edition...
  12. ctg

    Excerpt from Arthur C Clark last work

    Read more Extract: The Last Theorem by Arthur C Clarke and Frederik Pohl - Telegraph Maybe this belongs in the Arthur C Clarke forum? (sorry)
  13. S

    Childhood's End first chapter puzzle

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with a little issue I've got. I was about to order online an English edition of "Childhood's End", but on I've noticed, on 2 different editions, two different beginnings (using the Search Inside option). One edition starts with: "The volcano that had...
  14. S

    Why no Clarke books in Audioformat (CD)?

    Does anyone know why there are very few or no Arthur C Clarke books in audiobook (CD or MP3) format? I'd love to find the Rama series or any of this great books. All of Orson Scott Cards Ender's game is avaiable in audiobook CD/MP3 format and I'm sure there is an audience for the Rama...
  15. gully_foyle

    April is for Arthur

    Fellow Chronites, A little reminder that in April we might read a book in honour of Arthur, and raise a glass, and probably raise a glass while reading one of his books. I've found a copy of Fountains of Paradise, which I've never read.
  16. A

    A Time Odyssey 2 - Sunstorm (spoilers)

    I am reading this book right now... little less than half the book. They are building a railgun at the moon to launch material in space, which will be used to build the giant shield to protect the Earth from the huge sun blast. And then I wondered... couldnt the moon ITSELF be used as a...
  17. D_Davis

    R.I.P. Arthur C. Clarke - Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News Oh wow. :( A true visionary and dreamer. He put his great mind to great use, changing the face of both science fiction and fact.
  18. Brian G Turner

    Arthur C Clarke - 2001: A Space Odyssey

    Most people will be familiar with the film - which in itself was one of the most ground-breaking sci-fi's ever made. It was also one of the most confusing. Despite the powerful imagery of developing apes and ancient black monoliths - and not forgetting HAL - the ending of the film always...
  19. Spade

    I Just Bought...

    I just bought: Dolphin Island A Fall of Moondust Earthlight and I already had: 2001: A Space Odyssey Childhood's End Imperial Earth The Fountains of Paradise Cradle (with Gentry Lee) Honestly, the only book by his I've read is Rendezvous With Rama. I do avidly read his short stories from the...
  20. eanbardsley

    Clarke tuned into something deepy profound

    Arthur C. Clarke's monolith turned out to be a computer put on Earth by extraterrestrials and The Moon to give us an evolutionary nudge when we needed it and to monitor us. It had the dimensions of 1 by 4 by 9, the squares of 1, 2, and 3. 1+4 = 5. The height is 9. I have found that 9/5 (which is...