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  1. R

    The Songs of Distant Earth by Arthur C. Clarke

    Hi. On page 76 of my edition, there’s a paragraph that I don’t understand. It begins, ’That’s our power supply,’… 1. What exactly is the power supply? 2. Why would salty seas “gobble up” kilowatts?
  2. Vertigo

    Childhood’s End by Arthur C Clarke

    I can’t believe I’ve never got around to reading this book, one of Clarke’s most famous! But that is now rectified. I tend to struggle with reading older classic SF but not this one and that alone has impressed me! Childhood’s End is a first contact by a benevolent advanced alien but manages to...
  3. B

    Who is Greater, Arthur C. Clarke or Jack Williamson ?

    Arthur C Clarke gave us such classic Childhoods End , The City and the Star, The Sand off Mars , End Rendezvous with Rama and sequels , The Sentinel ( which become the basis of 2001 film and book ) did Several sequels to it and so many other wonderful books and stories and, he came...
  4. D

    Who do you like bettter Clarke or Isaac Asimov?

    CLARKE is a better fiction writer ,Asimov is really good at non-fiction .
  5. Brian G Turner

    Review: Rendezvous with Rama by Arthur C Clarke

    The trouble with science fiction classics is that they tend to be vehicles for new ideas for their time, but over the years can become dated. Worse, the ideas they originate are easily absorbed into the genre mainstream, meaning they are no longer the surprise they once were. First published in...
  6. Brian G Turner

    Which are the best must-read novels of Arthur C Clarke?

    As the title says: Which are the best must-read novels of Arthur C Clarke? I read and enjoyed 2001: A Space Odyssey, though it was more of a cerebral experience than an emotional one. I tried to read Imperial Earth but struggled to get into the flat narrative and dropped it. Anyway, I figure...
  7. John Thiel III

    I'd go with "The Star"

    I think this short was published either in INFINITY or SF ADVENTURES and I thought it had something in common with something that was published maybe in the same year in F&SF, "A Canticle for Leibowitz" by Walter M. Miller. Generally similar theme and the same tone. (Maybe Canticle was published...
  8. J

    2001 Space Odyssey 1st/1st? Red NAL 1968

    Hi, Can anyone help me figure out if my book is the 1st/1st, it doesn't have the "1st, 2nd Printing" or the sequential numbers used to verify the print run. I posted some pictures any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, James
  9. SpanishMill

    Finally scored a "Rendezvous with Rama" 1st edition

    Been on the hunt for a copy of the hc 1st edition / 1st printing of this title. And you won't believe what I paid for it!
  10. AE35Unit

    New Clarke biography by brother Fred

    Sadly Fred Clarke passed away recently but he left us this:
  11. SpanishMill

    The Nine Billion Names of God

    I finally acquired these hc and pb First Editions and for the first time, I read the 9 billion story.... what a great short story!
  12. S

    The Fountains of Paradise by Arthur C. Clarke

    Dreams can have many effects on people, both good and bad. At their worst they can cause people to waste their lives (and the lives of others) chasing a fantasy to no good end. However, when tempered by the knowledge of science and the power of engineering dreams (and people) can be at...
  13. S

    The City and the Stars by Arthur C. Clarke

    Once upon a time man crossed the stars and spread throughout the galaxy, leaving Earth behind. They met other intelligent life forms and formed alliances. Unfortunately, this took place a billion years ago. In the interim they ran across a species that was not happy about man's success...
  14. Glen

    Mr Clarke

    I was thinking about Mr Clarke yesterday (the back story is that we've moved house today, and yesterday amongst a pile of stress and change I found myself in the back garden standing immobile thinking about Clarkey's stories). I used to love them, couldn't get enough, thought they opened up a...
  15. SpanishMill

    2001 Odyssey 1st Edition book

    So, I've recently started collecting Odyssey series books and the one that's giving more trouble is the first book of the series "2001 a space odyssey". I'm aware of difference between Trade and BCE editions... or so I thought. I've searched online on various rare book collecting sites to look...
  16. AE35Unit

    The Fountains of Paradise by A.C.Clarke (1979)

    It is the 22nd century,and high profile engineer Vannemar Morgan's latest project is a 24,000-mile-high space elevator to link Earth to the stars. But first he must solve a million technical, political, and economic problems... while allaying the wrath of God. For the only possible site on...
  17. Victoria Silverwolf

    "Glide Path" -- Clarke's non-SF novel

    I have just finished reading Glide Path, the only non-SF novel by Arthur C. Clarke. It's clearly based on Clarke's own experiences during World War Two working on "ground controlled descent" (talking an aircraft down in conditions of poor visibility, using the newly invented, secret technology...
  18. megamaniac

    2001 DVD interviews

    On the 2 disc DVD of 2001 there are several awesome ACC interviews. There is one he made in 1966 about alien life. There is one about the movie, and Kubrick, and the filming process etc. A wonderful collection, even if you were confused by 2001 the film.
  19. AE35Unit

    New biography out soon!

    Got this from Yahoo groups: " --- In, "John" <jcsherwood@...> wrote: > > After years of research, writing and editing, Neil McAleer's "Visionary: The Odyssey of Sir Arthur C. Clarke" has been published and should be available soon at Amazon. My role was as...
  20. Werthead

    Arthur C. Clarke

    Childhood's End