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  1. Mike J Nagle

    Reading Order Flowchart for Anne McCaffrey's Pern-Related Series

    Hello. Here is a reading-order flowchart for Anne McCaffrey's Dragonriders of Pern Series, as well as the Ireta, Crystal Universe, and "The Ship Who" series. I include them all in a single flowchart because all four series are set in the Federated Sapient Planets, although there is no overlap...
  2. neopeius

    Discovering McCaffrey from the start

    Having gotten to March 1959 in my day-by-day science fact/fiction blog, I'm delighted to find McCaffrey's first story: galacticjourney | A study in contrasts (April 1959 Fantasy & Science Fiction, Part 2; 2-22-1959) Did anyone here discover her in her early period, or did you find her with the...
  3. Tiffany

    Dragonflight CD Unabridged.

    I am listening to this at present & although I have read the book many times & know the story off by heart, I am really enjoying the listening of it. Dick Hill is the reader & I had never heard of him before, but he's pretty good.:D
  4. Tiffany

    Audio book cassettes

    Today in a charity shop I bought, for the princely sum of £1, a boxed cassette set of 3 Anne McCaffrey books, 8 cassettes in all. Dragonseye, The Master Harper of Pern & The Skies of Pern.:D:D American versions. Read by Dick Hill. So far I have listened to part of the first cassette & it plays...
  5. S

    Anne McCaffrey: Adoration and a query, please

    Hello Folks. As a middle-aged man I am saddened by the loss of yet another amazingly bright light. Ms. McCaffrey's works are immensely appreciated treasures (at least by this reader). Some of my earliest scifi readings were her works, and they have remained dear to me all throughout the ~40...
  6. chopper

    Anne McCaffrey, 1926-2011

    Now being reported via Very sad news.
  7. Anthony G Williams

    Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey

    I first read this book when the UK paperback came out in 1970 and was blown away by it. I read it at least a couple more times over the next few years, but not since. Having recently reviewed Naomi Novik's Temeraire, which borrows heavily from Dragonflight in its concept of dragons, I thought it...
  8. euclid

    Short Story by Anne

    I read a short story in an anthology, years ago. The story was written by Anne McCaffrey. It was about a young boy who could make things disappear by looking at them through a tube of cardboard and blinking! He makes next-door's cat disappear, then the house across the road (together with the...
  9. K

    Todd mccaffrey is ruining pern!

    please stop him. dragonheart was not a very good book. okay so he is telling the story of the dragon riders that went back in time during the dragon plague. fine...poor storytelling. i mean his books are getting worse instead of better. there were so many thing i did not like. the...
  10. S

    Sequel to Freedom's Ransom

    Does anyone know if there is going to be a sequel to Freedom's Ransom (Freedom Series) or a continuation of the series/universe of some nature? There are so many loose ends, specifically, who and where are the Farmers.
  11. Talysia

    What dragon would you impress? (quiz)

    I found these quizzes on another site, and thought I'd post them here, as there isn't anything like this here. Which Pernese dragon would you impress? Quiz: What colour Pernese dragon would you impress? [Females only] | Get More Quizzes at Quizilla And Quiz: What colour Pernese dragon...
  12. mirinda

    Least Favorite Character

    So we all have our favorite people from Anne's books. Now who do you like the least, and of course...why?
  13. mirinda

    The Ends of Anne's books.

    I was just wondering what people though of how Anne ends her books. Only read her Pern series myself but she seems to end them kind of abruptly and I think there should be more to them sometimes.
  14. C

    How many Pern books have you read?

    The title says it all. How many Pern novels have you read so far? I'm about at four, once I finish Moreta I'll be at five.
  15. F

    Who has an explination for Ruth??

    Ok, i might be new, but the burning question for me, is what, who, why is Ruth? Lord Jaxom's dragon...? Do any of you good folk have a good explination?:eek:
  16. Brian G Turner

    Anne McCaffrey - The Masterharper of Pern

    Original review by Jane Jinn: I was intrigued, but disappointed. I had been a fan of Anne McCaffrey's for several years and have read, re-read, and analysed her books while waiting for each new one to come out, but this is where I gave up and stopped reading. Robinton is just too perfect...
  17. Cheryl

    40 Years of Pern - book

    This October is the 40th anniversary of the publication of "Weyr Search", the first story about Pern. "40 Years of Pern" commemorates this grand occasion, a book of essays by Pern fans, explaining how they came to first read Pern, and what it has meant in their lives. Some tales are touching...
  18. The_Warrior


    Eragon. It has said to be that this book angerd fans of Mcafry to the limit because of it similer fetures of dragonriders and telpathic connection of the the rider and their dragons. Did you hate this book? Or did you see it as an acplistiment for a young boy who started writing at 15...
  19. Talysia

    Which is your favourite book? (Any series)

    Rearranging my bookcase recently led to my rediscovering several novels that I thought I'd lost, and I was pleased because they were some of my favourites. That got me thinking about which one - out of any of Anne's series - was my actual favourite. I think my favourite has to be The White...
  20. Vortex Manipulator

    Next Anne McCaffrey Read Suggestions?

    I've read & enjoyed "Pegasus In Space" Do any more knowledgable Anne McCaffrey fans have any suggestions as to what books would be best for me to read next?