anne lyle

  1. Ursa major

    The Prince of Lies (Third book in the Night's Masque trilogy)

    I've now finished reading the last part of the Night's Masque trilogy, namely Prince of Lies. It's hard to say anything too specific without giving spoilers, but I can state that this book is even better than its predecessors (which were both good), with plenty of action and intrigue, all of...
  2. Ursa major

    The Merchant of Dreams

    As I've posted elsewhere, I enjoyed the first book in the Night's Masque series, namely Alchemist of Dreams, recommended it and said I'd get the sequel, Merchant of Dreams. Unfortunately, when I came to buy it, the book wasn't to be found in the local Waterstones and WH Smith's, so I bought the...
  3. Anne Lyle

    Book signing at Forbidden Planet on Hallowe'en

    In case you missed the announcement, I'll be doing a signing of my new novel, The Prince of Lies, at 6pm on 31st October in Forbidden Planet (Shaftesbury Avenue, central London). What's more, the UK paperback doesn't come out officially until 7th November, so this is your chance to get an...
  4. Brian G Turner

    Anne Lyle nominated for BFS award

    Our own Anne Lyle is nominated for Best Newcomer in the British Fantasy Soceity's nominations for 2013: http://www.britishfantasysociety.co.uk/news/british-fantasy-awards-2013-the-nominees/ :)
  5. Brian G Turner

    Prince of Lies cover

    The cover for Anne Lyle's Prince of Lies has been revealed: Looks like it's Mal again, with a strange magickal discharge in play. Any guesses as to whether it applies to anything specific in the story? Anne says she's recently sent of her final copy, and Amazon have an Octoer release date...
  6. Brian G Turner

    Questions for Anne Lyle

    Hello Anne. :) I've just picked up The Merchant of Dreams, and what strikes me immediately about the writing is how crisp and clear and polished it is. (Anyone else can see it by using the "Look inside" feature at Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/0857662775/?tag=brite-21) My question is...
  7. Anne Lyle

    The Merchant of Dreams - paperback/audiobook giveaway

    Hi all! Brian alerted me to the fact that I'd failed to mention that my new book is out, and since I'm doing a giveaway on my blog, this seemed an ideal time to mention it! The Merchant of Dreams is the sequel to my debut Elizabethan fantasy The Alchemist of Souls which came out in March 2012...
  8. Anne Lyle

    Debut fantasy author AMA on Reddit

    Forgot to post this until now, but ten debut authors from 2011/12 have been doing an Ask Me Anything on Reddit (1am this morning UK time). The Brits will no doubt be along this morning, so do drop by and ask a question! Participating authors are: * Brad Beaulieu * Elspeth Cooper * Teresa...
  9. Brian G Turner

    Anne Lyle: Alchemist of Souls

    Anyone here readnig Anne Lyle's "The Alchemist of Souls"? I know there's a review on the front end of chronicles by Stephen Palmer: http://www.sffchronicles.co.uk/2012/05/29/review-alchemist-of-souls-by-anne-lyle/ but I'm currently reading this and greatly enjoying it. While it's been slow to...
  10. Anne Lyle

    Win an ARC of "The Alchemist of Souls"

    Over the next 2 days, you can win an advance reading copy of my debut fantasy novel "The Alchemist of Souls" by entering the caption competition on the Angry Robot website: http://angryrobotbooks.com/2011/12/12-days-of-christmas-%e2%80%93-day-8-anne-lyle/ That's a whole three months before...
  11. Anne Lyle

    Two new Angry Robot fantasy series

    Debut authors David Tallerman and myself are now officially assimilated into the Robot Army: Two new fantasy debuts for Angry Robot :: Angry Robot Books Let the invasion commence! :D