andy briggs

  1. Mark Robson

    Tarzan: The Legend of Greystoke

    When I think of Tarzan, my mind automatically goes back to the series with Ron Ely that I loved as a boy. However, if this is your image of Tarzan: the cultured gentleman who has returned to the jungle to escape civilization, then you will need to set it aside to read Tarzan: The Greystoke...
  2. Mark Robson

    Andy Briggs -

    Just finished reading Book 1 - Council of Evil - a fun read. Andy Briggs neatly blurs the lines between heroes and villains, giving us a supervillain in Jake Hunter, who is more of an anti-hero than a supervillain, while simultaneously painting the dark side of one of the 'heroes'...
  3. Connavar

    Andy Briggs

    Has anyone read this author ? On the bus home yesterday i read a free book mag called Booktime. There was an article about his new series about teenage superhero,villains like characters. Has anyone heard of those series or read them ? I read a sample of the first chapter of The Villain...