andre norton

  1. Anthony G Williams

    Witch World by Andre Norton

    I was aware of Andre Norton when devouring SFF at a high rate in the 1960s and 1970s, but for some reason read hardly any of her work except for the two Janus stories. In particular, I was familiar with the Witch World title so when this 1963 novel was suggested as one of the monthly reads of...
  2. T

    A book about interplanetary trade, called Starship Traders by Norton?

    Hi Everyone, I'm trying to remember a book by I believe 'Norton' circa the 1950s to 60's. The dust jacket cover was of a person standing in the open door of a classic 1950's pointed cigar shaped spaceship. I believe the title was 'Starship Traders', but I can't remember. I checked the Norton...
  3. D_Davis

    I've never read a book from Gordon R. Dickson or Andre Norton....

    What should I read? Where to start? I'm hoping I dig these guys, because I always see a TON of their stuff for super cheap at many, many used book stores. Thanks!
  4. Anthony G Williams

    The X Factor by Andre Norton

    Andre Norton was one of SFF's most prolific writers, publishing a huge number of books (I gave up trying to count the list on Wikipedia, but the total must be in the region of 200) between 1934 and her death in 2005. Many of these were co-authored with various other female novelists. The really...
  5. Connavar

    Andre Norton

    I saw there wasnt a thread about this classic SFF author so. After recommendation by fellow chrono members i got and started reading Moon of Three Rings. Im glad i did, im enjoying it. Its not written like most SF of its kind. Her writing style is so refined.
  6. Blue Tyson

    Witch World - Andre Norton - Any fans/experts?

    I have read the first one, and it starts off in your standard Edgar Rice Burroughs manner (guy really, really good at the fighting thing ends up on strange new world), but of course the tone and theme is different once he arrives, in some ways, going for the romance fantasy sort of angle. How...
  7. A

    Andre Norton

    Greetings all! Does anyone have Andre Norton's titles 92-96 ? Am trying to track a particular book.