alfred bester

  1. Anthony G Williams

    Extro by Alfred Bester

    Alfred Bester's 1950s novel The Stars My Destination (aka Tiger! Tiger!), which I have read many times and reviewed on this blog in June 2008, is my favourite SF novel. So when I rediscovered a copy of his 1974 novel Extro lurking on my shelves where it had been hiding since I first read it a...
  2. J-WO

    When Bester met Campbell

    I found this on Fred Pohl's blog- a transcript of himself and Alfred Bester talking at a Con in the late seventies. Alfy relates a tale that I personally find really funny- his first encounter with John W Campbell. The Way the Future Blogs, an online memoir by science fiction writer Frederik...
  3. Anthony G Williams

    The Stars My Destination, by Alfred Bester

    TSMD was first published in parts in 1956/7 and may also be found under the title 'Tiger! Tiger!'. I first read it in the 1960s and it blew me away, becoming established after a couple of re-reads as my favourite SF novel. I hadn't read it for decades, and picked up my much-worn 1965 Panther...
  4. Connavar

    The Stars My Destination

    Im reading this book. What do you think of this book those of you that have read it? No spoilers since im not done yet. I must say it is the first SF i have ever read where it was soo easy to get into the story. Before i knew i had read alot and was absorbed in the world. That was even...
  5. Addy

    Alfred Bester's The Demolished Man

    I really wanted to like this novel. What with it being included in 9 out of 10 best ever SF novels lists, but I really can't get to like it. I posted something about it in the 'what you're reading' thread, but I'm going to double post it here to stir some debate. I'm 150 pages into the book...
  6. Dave

    Alfred Bester: The Demolished Man

    I've just picked this up to read, no idea if I'll like it. It was the first ever Hugo Award winner, so maybe I'll start working my way through them all. ;) My first thoughts from reading the cover is a similarity with 'The Minority Report'. I'll tell you more when I'm finished, but with the...