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  1. Lady of Winterfell

    Chasm City - Spoilers!

    I just finished this book a couple days ago and really liked it. I am going to indulge in some spoiler information, so if the thread title didn't warn you away, go away now. :) I was slightly disappointed with the way the "real" Tanner was killed. I know that Cahuella was obsessed with the...
  2. AE35Unit

    Diamond Dogs, Turquoise Days by Alastair Reynolds (2002)

    This is a book containing two novellas by this author, set in his Revelation Space universe. For those unfamiliar with Mr Reynolds he is a British former scientist, once part of the European Space Agency, who gave up scientific research to write SF full time. In the first story, Diamond...
  3. Coragem

    Who stole Alastair Reynolds?

    Briefly, I want to report a crime of sorts. It seems to me (my subjective opinion) that someone stole the Alastair Reynolds I know and love exactly one-third of the way into Blue Remembered Earth. The novel begins with amazing promise. Strong characters, an extremely well developed near(ish)...
  4. Anthony G Williams

    Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds

    Alastair Reynolds' first novel, Revelation Space, was published in 2000, since when there have been nine others plus various shorter fiction, much of it published in collections. They might be regarded as traditional, optimistic, hard SF; all (as far as I can judge) set in far futures in which...
  5. Coragem

    Pushing Ice and Terminal World

    Hi Guys: I've read every Alastair Reynolds novel except Pushing Ice and Terminal World. The reviews of both (e.g., poor characters, too slow) have put me off. That said, I have truly loved every Alastair Reynolds novel I've read, with the single exception of Century Rain (which I felt...
  6. Werthead

    Blue Remembered Earth by Alastair Reynolds

    Blue Remembered Earth
  7. HighWiredSith

    Alastair Reynolds - Blue Remembered Earth

    I just finished Alastair Reynolds' Terminal World. This certainly wasn't his best work but I enjoyed most of it nonetheless. Been trolling the internet since I closed the cover last week looking for some kind of discussion on this book - which seemed to leave a significant number of unanswered...
  8. Ian Whates

    Alastair Reynolds, Pat Cadigan, Eric Brown, signing in London

    I'm delighted to announce that, to mark the launch of Solaris Rising: the New Book of Solaris Science Fiction, an event has been organised by those nice people at Forbidden Planet in London. Between 1.00 pm and 2.00 pm on Saturday November 26th, Alastair Reynolds, Pat Cadigan, Eric Brown...
  9. Ian Whates

    Review of Solaris Rising: Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton, Pat Cadigan, etc

    Lois Tilton has posted a pretty positive review of the anthology on the Locus website:
  10. Ian Whates

    Solaris Rising: Ian McDonald, Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton

    I've just finalised the line-up for an anthology of all new SF stories I've been commissioned to produce for Solaris - Solaris Rising: The New Book of Solaris Science Fiction. So what do you reckon? A book you're itching to read, or not really of any interest? 1. Introduction – Ian Whates 2. A...
  11. R

    Alastair Reynolds

    Hi everyone, Following on from my last thread I decided to purchase Pushing Ice by Alastair Reynolds and have just finished reading it. I found it slow starting, but most good fiction books seem to be, and in the end I thoroughly enjoyed it. I kind of wish it was in a series as it definitely...
  12. K

    Alastair Reynolds (Terminal World)

    So I noticed this book (Terminal World) in my local bookstore the other day and was really intrigued. The premise is amazing (from the dust jacket): Spearpoint, the last human city, is an atmosphere-piercing spire of vast size. Clinging to its skin are the zones, a series of semi-autonomous...
  13. AE35Unit

    A previously unpublished story by Alastair Reynolds!

    So cool! Approaching Pavonis Mons by balloon: Computa Two - a previously unpublished story by Alastair Reynolds
  14. AE35Unit

    Free Alastair Reynolds book with SFX mag

    I caught mention of this on a blog-it seems you buy the latest copy of SFX and get a voucher for a free pb copy of the House of Suns from a certain book shop. Anyone gone for it yet?
  15. gully_foyle

    House of Suns - Alastair Reynolds

    In the past I've been a bit lukewarm about some of his books, particulary those of the Revelation Space line. I had a bit of trouble caring about his characters. But Century Rain stood out for me because the characters were refreshingly different, particularly Wendell Floyd. And now I've just...
  16. biodroid

    Alistair Reynolds

    This has probably been asked before but I couldn't find a general thread on him so here goes. I am moving into the SF realm now and really enjoying it with the likes of Iain M Banks, Neal Asher and Peter F Hamilton. I was wondering how Alistair Reynolds fairs against these powerhouses of...
  17. Werthead

    Terminal World by Alastair Reynolds

    Spearpoint is a city unlike any other. A vast spire dozens of leagues in height, the city and the world around it are divided into zones of different energy states. Different technology and energy sources work in each zone, and any person who spends long periods in another zone may be doomed to...
  18. Rodders

    Zima Blue by Alastair Reynolds

    Hello all, i bought this book in FP last week. It's another set of short stories all set outside of the Revelation Space universe. I haven't started it yet, but just wondered if anyone else had. If so, what do you think? Is it as good as Galactic North?
  19. chopper

    Alastair Reynolds: Galactic North (collection)

    Okay, so I had trouble getting into Revelation Space for some reason; not too sure why. But given the hoo-ha over him & his books & new deal over the last few weeks, I decided to try from a different angle. Galactic North is a collection of short stories all set in the RS universe and date from...
  20. Werthead

    Alastair Reynolds secures £1 million contract for his next 10 novels

    SF author Alastair Reynolds has signed a £1 million ($1,634,500-odd) contract to stay with Gollancz for his next ten novels, to be published over the next ten years. This is one of the biggest SF contract deals I've heard of, maybe the biggest since Arthur C. Clarke's staggering deal in 1997 for...