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  1. MrCHansen

    Adrian Tchaikovsky Audiobooks (Children of Time)

    Hi AT Fans, If you follow my threads you see I'm very much into consuming content in written and audio formats. I like to read a chapter and then listen to one in the car or at the gym. This allows me to get thru books faster then just reading them when time permits. That said, today's book is...
  2. Vertigo

    Children of Memory by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    I've just noticed this planned for release in November: Thrid book in the Children of Time/Ruin series. Have to say I'm looking forward to it when it shifts to paperback pricing!
  3. Vertigo

    The Doors of Eden by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Tchaikovsky’s mind-boggling inventiveness never ceases to astound me! There are a number of parallel Earth timelines, not all that many and certainly not an infinity of them, and there are places where the boundary between them is fragile and now there seem to be more of these doorways opening...
  4. Rodders

    Shards of Earth by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    I've been seeing this a lot in book shops and it definitely looks like it could be pretty good and something that I'd thoroughly enjoy. "Idris has neither aged nor slept since they remade his mind in the war. And one of humanity’s heroes now scrapes by on a freelance salvage vessel, to avoid...
  5. Vertigo

    Bear Head by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Bear Head is a sequel to the excellent Dogs of War, though it is a very different book told largely from the perspective of Honey, the over-intelligent bioform bear from the previous book, and the PA of the main antagonist. Mars has been colonised using both biofroms (adapted and enhanced...
  6. Vertigo

    The Expert System’s Champion by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    The Expert System’s Champion is the second of two short books (currently) in Tchaikovsky’s Expert System series. Short they may be, but he packs quite a lot into them. He really does seem to produce very good books in this shorter novella kind of format. Handry’s order of Cain has matured and...
  7. Vertigo

    The Expert System’s Brother by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    What happens if everything in a society is controlled by expert systems? Medicine, planning, building, law-making, justice… everything. And this is not self-aware, sentient artificial intelligence but merely rule based expert systems. That is the question Tchaikovsky asks in this short, thought...
  8. Vertigo

    Firewalkers by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Firewalkers is my second novella from Adrian Tchaikovsky and it appears to be a format he is very comfortable with. Global warming has heated the planet so much that an expanding band around the equator has effectively become completely uninhabitable. The privileged rich are escaping to a space...
  9. Vertigo

    Walking to Aldebaran by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    I’m getting more and more impressed with Adrian Tchaikovsky, I know he’s been around for a while but most, or all, of his earlier work has been in the fantasy genre, which I rarely read, and only more recently has he been producing science fiction, which I very much do read, and very good it is...
  10. Vertigo

    Dogs of War by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    “My name is Rex. I am a Good Dog” Rex is an augmented bioform based, mainly, on dog genes with a lot of cyborg thrown in. He is the leader of a Multiform Assault Pack along with a bear bioform, a chameleon one and a bee swarm one(s). He is programmed to unquestionably love and obey ‘Master.’...
  11. althea

    Cage of Souls

    I am reading Cage of Souls at the moment. I bought it because it's by Adrian Tchaikovsky and had a good review by Arthur C. Clarke. It is pretty grim,I suppose you could call it a "dystopian future" story. The hero of the story is in a prison- the Cage of Souls,from which no one ever returns...
  12. Vertigo

    Children of Ruin by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    This is the sequel to Children of Time and begins on another planet to which a colonisation expedition had been sent by Earth (before it self-destructed). This time it is octopuses that have been elevated to higher intelligence but there is also a truly alien intelligence to deal with. And the...
  13. The Judge

    Review: The Tiger and the Wolf by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Adrian Tchaikovsky's The Tiger and the Wolf is a fantasy novel, the first in a series, published 2016 by Pan Macmillan. 590 pages in large (5" x 7¾") paperback. Maniye belongs to the Wolf, which means that, like the rest of her father's Winter Runner tribe, she can instantly Step into a wolf's...
  14. Vertigo

    Review: Children of Time by Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Humanity has reached levels of technology that are verging on godlike and now, having found no other life in the galaxy, they are using those abilities to really play god; attempting to raise Terran monkeys to full sentience on a terraformed planet far from Sol. Meanwhile back at the solar...
  15. D

    Adrian Tchaikovsky: dogs of war

    I saw this book today but it seemed a bit pricey (W H Smith £12.99) I was just wondering if anyone in here has read it yet. If so is there any chance of a little review/ recommendation as to ... Is it worth buying? Cheers :)
  16. A

    Dragonfly Falling-Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Dragonfly Falling Adrian Tchaikovsky Pyr, Apr 27 2010, $16.00 ISBN 9781616141950 For generations, the methodical Wasp kinden Empire has slowly conquered the Lowlands. Only recently has some enlightened members of the other species realize the perilous threat of the advancing Wasp horde...
  17. A

    Empire in Black and Gold-Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Empire in Black and Gold Adrian Tchaikovsky PYR, Mar 2010, $16.00 ISBN: 9781616141929 Since the revolt decades ago that overthrew the ruling Moths, the city-states of the Lowlands have lived in prosperous peace with one another. The Beetles are probably the most powerful, but they prefer trade...
  18. A

    Blood of the Mantis-Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Blood of the Mantis Adrian Tchaikovsky PYR, May 25 2010, $16.00 ISBN: 9781616141998 With the Darakyon spirits as companions of sorts forcing him to complete his mission, Achaeos reaches Jerez an isolated marsh town. He knows time is running out before the Shadow Box is possessed by the Wasp...
  19. A

    Dragonfly Falling-Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Dragonfly Falling Adrian Tchaikovsky Pyr, Apr 27 2010, $16.00 ISBN 9781616141950 For generations, the methodical Wasp Empire has slowly conquered the Lowlands. Only recently has some enlightened members of the other species realize the perilous threat of the advancing Wasp horde. Currently the...
  20. A

    Salute the Dark-Adrian Tchaikovsky

    Salute the Dark Adrian Tchaikovsky PYR, Sep 1 2010, $16.00 ISBN 9781616142391 The armies of the Wasp Empire continue their ruthless conquest of the other nations. Their prime opponent is Stenwald, but though he and his Lowlander allies have had some success slowing down the blitzkrieg (see...