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  1. The Judge

    Review: Land of the Headless by Adam Roberts

    Land of the Headless is SF, published 2007 by Orion/Gollancz. Approx 275 pages in trade paperback. The novel starts in very intriguing fashion, with the beheading of the first-person narrator for "adultery", an offence which includes consensual sex, a crime in a society governed by a holy book...
  2. Serendipity

    Real Town Murders by Adam Roberts

    This is a lovely sciency science fiction story, written with a literary technique that comes across as easy prose. It has the advantage of being based in England - a plausible near future Reading and White Cliffs of Dover. This makes it feel simultaneously familiar and with the future's science...
  3. Stewart Hotston

    The Thing Itself by Adam Roberts

    I'm a big fan of big thinking stories. I read them wherever they come from and occasionally they come up on Sci-fi and Fantasy. There are three big purveyors of this kind of sci-fi. Mieville, Vandemeer and Adam Roberts. The Thing Itself is a story that explains Kant's systematic ontology. Now...
  4. millymollymo

    Adam Roberts: On Success and Orientation

    2016: the Story So Far | I know a lot of the discussions on this site are about breaking free from the "unpublished" to the published. I know a lot of the published ones here still debate their progress and look further up the ladder. This crossed my path on Twitter this...
  5. J-Sun

    Greg Egan: Adam Roberts' Schizoid Review of Orthogonal

    First, this could well be interesting even to people who have no interest in Egan or the book because Roberts turns it into a generalized aesthetic debate on science fiction (albeit a very familiar debate). (I use "schizoid" as popular shorthand for "split-personality" and as descriptive, even...
  6. Werthead

    By Light Alone by Adam Roberts

    Decades in the future, the world has been revolutionised by the introduction of photosynthetic hair. The poor now no longer need to be fed, as they can live off sunlight alone, whilst the rich flaunt their wealth and power by their unnecessary consumption of food and cutting their hair...
  7. nixie

    Adam Roberts

    I forgot my book this morning and nipped into the newsagent in bus station to see what they had. Wasn't holding out much hope, they have one rack of books that has romances, thrillers and the occasional second rate vampire story. I picked up Swiftly by Adam Roberts read the blurb on back and...
  8. Werthead

    New Model Army by Adam Roberts

    Britain has been engulfed by war. The Scottish Parliament has declared independence only to find the British Army being deployed to keep control of the country. In retaliation Scotland has contracted a New Model Army, Pantegral, to fight on its behalf. New Model Armies are paramilitary forces...
  9. AE35Unit

    Adam Roberts

    Anyone read his books? I read Salt a few years back and wasn't impressed to be honest. His first book I believe. But looking thru his books on fantastic fiction I see some interesting ideas there.
  10. Werthead

    Yellow Blue Tibia by Adam Roberts

    A review of Adam Roberts' latest book:
  11. Werthead

    Swiftly by Adam Roberts

    Here's a review of this sort-of sequel to Gulliver's Travels.
  12. P

    adam roberts

    I've just recently started to hear about this guy and some of his stuff looks pretty interesting (and such cool covers . . .). Anyone here read him and have a recommendation or two?
  13. Blue Tyson

    Adam Roberts

    Anyone read his stuff?
  14. Princess Ivy

    Stone - Adam Roberts

    I've just finished and i think enjoyed this one. I'm never sure with Roberts, his style fascinates me, and tantalises me to remember something else.
  15. S

    Roberts, Adam: SALT

    Book recommendation: SALT Greetings! I just wanted to recommend a SF book thats called "SALT," by Adam Roberts. Its a really great work! The writing is superb. Its a thoughtful and moving book told from 2 very different view points by the main characters of the book. I really like the way...