a e van vogt

  1. D


    Please Recommend a good novel.Preferably on Audible.com.
  2. Don


    The interview starts on page 14 (or 145 depending upon how you look at it): http://www.generalsemantics.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/articles/gsb/gsb41-drake.pdf It's most fascinating to read about the paucity of information, how hard it was to acquire some books, back in the day. These days...
  3. D

    King Marine Syndrome - Van Vogt

    In 'The Replicators', a novella by A.E Van Vogt the protagonist is an ex-marine named Matlin who has running battles with aliens around a small American town. Military advisors realise it's the same alien continually replicating itself to combat the marine, always ready with countermeasures to...
  4. tylenol4000

    AE Van Vogt

    So I'v been reading a bit of Van Vogt lately, and I have to say, I'm quite enjoying what I'v read, Future Glitter was a really enjoyable dystopia. Slan, well, I think it goes without saying that it's an unrelenting thriller. Yes, I just said that. I feel he doesn't get as much respect as he...
  5. P

    The Violent Man by AE Van Vogt

    Just picked this up... it deals with mind control and totalitarian China... any Van Vogt experts have any thoughts?
  6. Anthony G Williams

    Supermind, by A E Van Vogt

    Supermind was published in 1977, towards the end of Van Vogt’s long writing career, and is a fix-up of three linked novellas featuring a common cast of characters, written with some assistance from James H. Schmitz and Edna Mayne Hull (his first wife). It is set in a future in which humanity has...
  7. Anthony G Williams

    The War Against the Rull by A E Van Vogt

    I last read The War Against the Rull in the 1960s and liked it enough to hang on to my ancient copy, so I was pleased to renew my acquaintance with it when it was selected for this month's read by the Classic Science Fiction discussion group ( http://groups.yahoo.com/group/ClassicScienceFiction/...
  8. AE35Unit

    Slan by A.E. van Vogt (1940,1968)

    This is van Vogt's first novel, put down on paper in the 1940s. Basically the Slan are a race of mutants created by a scientist in the late 21st century. They have two hearts, psi powers and posses super strength compared to humans. Sounds fantastic, and perhaps if written today it could be...
  9. Anthony G Williams

    Slan, and Slan Hunter, by A.E. van Vogt & Kevin J Anderson

    It is a very long time since I read Slan, one of the classic novels of the "golden age" of the 1940s which had a huge impact at the time, so when I learned that a sequel had been written I decided to read both. Slan is a far-future story set on Earth (with scenes on Mars towards the end) in...
  10. Anthony G Williams

    The Weapon Shops of Isher, and The Weapon Makers, by A E Van Vogt

    These books were first published in around 1950 although their content had previously appeared in magazines. They are set some seven thousand years hence in a future in which the Earth is ruled by an Empress with almost absolute power, opposed only by an organisation called "The Weapon Shops"...
  11. AE35Unit

    AE van Vogt's Voyage of the Space Beagle

    I just mooched a copy of this book,hope to receive it soon,but the interesting thing I just found is according to Fantastic Fiction the first third of this novel formed the basis of the original movie Alien! Anyone confirm this?
  12. gully_foyle

    A.E. van Vogt

    Alfred Elton van Vogt was a prolific author from SF's postwar golden era. I'm reading Slan at the moment, and I must say it moves at a cracking pace. I've also recently read Rogue Ship and Voyage of the Space Beagle, both assemblages of short stories into a novel, which shows in the narrative...
  13. Jayaprakash Satyamurthy

    Panshin on Van Vogt

    Here's an interesting article called 'Man Beyond Man' about Golden Age great AE van Vogt's early fiction, by Alexei Panshin, sf writer and critic: http://www.enter.net/~torve/articles/vanvogt/vanvogt1.html