3D PCs driven by games to “tipping point” this year

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    Darren Allan


    Okay, so we’ve established that 3D is the new big thing when it comes to cinema films, television, and indeed games.

    The new graphics engine from the makers of Far Cry, the CryEngine 3, will boast full 3D support. And lots of developers have announced 3D intentions, including big names such as three-quel Killzone 3.

    So it doesn’t take a genius to see that 3D gaming is on the up, although a research firm in America says 3D PCs could be arriving in true force by as soon as the end of 2010.

    Jon Peddie Research reckons that “gaming will be the vehicle for kick-starting the S3D PC market” in the US.

    S3D being the acronym for the emerging “Stereo 3D” PC market, which the research firm has just compiled a report on.

    Said report found that the S3D PC market is about to experience rapid growth in the immediate future, estimating that one million dedicated S3D PCs will ship before the end of this year.

    While most PCs will be S3D capable to a point, simply due to a modern graphics card, a true S3D PC will also require a special monitor, plus glasses, and of course the 3D games or applications to run.

    The S3D market will achieve a much higher growth rate this year than traditional PCs, Jon Peddie Research says.

    As well as gaming, watching Blu-ray DVDs on the PC, and streaming movies or TV will drive the wider adoption of the 3D PC.

    The firm also claims that the “expected growth rate of revenue in the hardware and content markets is very promising”, making a forecast of $34 billion by the year 2014. Yowzer, in a word – although this is assuming that the market can establish itself with quality content.

    In a statement regarding the report, Jon Peddie Research clarified: “The gaming segment has the largest inventory of content and the most vocal enthusiasts who will spread the word and show their friends and families what it looks like and what it can do.”

    “They will ignite the imagination of the non-gamers. However, our forecast is that the S3D market will soar within the next three years based on the expectation that good quality content will be produced, and the incremental cost for S3D will diminish, if not disappear.”

    “Otherwise history will repeat itself and it will be reduced to a small volume novelty market.”

    We just hope, given the former scenario holds true, that all these 3D gaming machines, TVs and suchlike aren’t giving the world some serious migraines through prolonged usage…

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