Bono malapropism

Discussion in 'Humour' started by Boneman, Oct 12, 2009.


    Boneman Well-Known Member

    Nov 4, 2008
    I just heard this yesterday from someone who swears it is 100% truth because he was at the concert in Glasgow where it happened;

    On stage, four numbers in and Bono has to try to save the world. So he starts clapping his hands slowly, and says:

    "Every (clap) time (clap) I clap my hands(clap) a child (clap) dies in Africa (clap)

    Member of the Audience shouts; "Well, stop clapping your hands, you f*****g eejit!"

    Sparrow Science fiction fantasy

    Aug 13, 2009
    Hilarious!..and that sounds totally consistant with the Bono we Americans see every two or three years. He arrives dark glasses and lilting Irish accent, and does a whirlwind tour of all the morning shows, then Oprah, then Wolf Blitzer on CNN... tells us how great America is and what a proud tradition of giving we have, and basically shoves flowers up our ass for a week. Inevitably, whomever the President is at the time signs some whopping bill to send hundreds of millions of dollars to Africa, some of which end up in the hands of corrupt governments, and just as quick as that, he's gone until next time.

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