Meal time

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    Sep 11, 2006
    3 kids arrive home from school, enter the house and shout, "Mam we're home" The Father replies " Hi my chickens, I'm in the kitchen.
    Through to the kitchen they go where Dad is slaving over a hot stove.
    "What yer doin?" asks one of the kids
    Dad replies "Yer mams had to go out , so I'm cookin tea."
    One of the kids asks "what is it?"
    Dad replies "Casserole"!
    Kid asks "yeah! but what meat"
    the Dad, by this time is fed up of the questions so says "Its a surprise, However, I'll give you all a clue!, its what I call you sometimes"

    The youngest screams "Don't eat it, he's made it with ****holes!!!":)

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