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    Brian Turner

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    Nov 23, 2002
    Code of Conduct (COC)

    The chronicles network is a community for people with any kind of interest in the diverse sphere of science fiction and fantasy. At its heart, our common interest in science fiction and fantasy topics, media, and artists, forms a deeper bond of respect than any differing preferences, or opinions, we may hold on issues both within and without that wide area of interests.

    As such, and to help serve as a guide to members and staff alike, this Code of Conduct has been drawn up to preserve that spirit for the greater community:

    1. Registration

    Members are free to choose what usernames they wish to represent themselves with in public areas, such as the chronicles network forum.

    However, editing of usernames may occur where the username chosen is deemed inappropriate, such as under the following non-exclusive criteria:

    1. Usernames that include Adult, expletive, or other offending use of letters, words, or phrases
    2. Usernames intended to imitate persons or staff
    3. Usernames all in CAPITALS

    Instances 1 & 2 will lead to an istant banning, without explanation. Instance 3 will result in the username being edited into lowercase.

    2. Signatures

    Members of the chronicles network are free to include text and links within their signature area beneath postings, according to the following guidelines:

    1. Signatures may be no more than 4 lines in length
    2. Signatures may not use size tags of more than 2
    3. Signatures may include a maximum of 2 links

    Additionally, links may not include commercial affiliate links, nor any form of commercial advertising.

    Members are also advised against overuse of colours and formating - signature links are intended to compliment user postings, rather than distract from them.

    3. Spam Policy

    We do not tolerate spam postings at the chronicles network forum. If your first post is an advert for another website, or a product on another website, your post will be removed without warning.

    If you make a second post the same, your posts will be removed and you will be banned from the forums.


    4. Aspiring writers

    Aspiring writers are advised that links to their own websites are fine in their signature, but posts by new members that are entirely self-promotional will be treated as spam.

    Do you want feedback on your writing? Then post a couple of paragraphs on the Critiques Board of the Aspiring WRiters board. In following such action, you are simply asking for the aspiring and published writers on the chronicles network forums to provide feedback on your writing, and should not be used as a promotional vehicle for personal websites or books.

    Note that the chronicles network is very happy to help promote the works of established members - those who give, receive in return.

    5. General Posting Policy

    The administrators, moderators, and other staff of the chronicles network reserve the right to edit, modify, or delete, in whole or part, any aspect of this forum, including user messages, at their own discretion and without notice or warning.

    This is especially applicable to content of the following nature:

    a) Posts which seek to offend directly or purposefully disrespect individual members of this community, especially through flaming, baiting, or personal abuse,

    b) Posts which use excessive profanity,

    c) Posts that contain illegal material

    d) Posts that contain graphic imagery or literature of a sexual or violent nature - this is a family friendly viewing site.

    e) Posts that seek to promote discrimination, hate, or violence either within or outside of the chronicles network forum,

    f) Posts which seek to attack the legal rights of any individual member, such as but not limited to defamation, harassment, and/or the issuing of threats,

    g) Posts made by a member using multiple aliases

    h) SPAM: which in this instance is defined as memberships seen to primarily serve the purpose of promoting specific services, products, or websites. NOTE: self promotion should be kept to a minimum, and signature links are provided for, so long as they are kept respectful. Signature links may be edited and/or removed by the forum staff at any time and without warning.

    i) Posts which seek to disrupt the functioning of the community, such as attacks against the chronicles network forum itself.

    6. Language

    Please also note that swearing is not permitted - this is not an adult site. If you really feel the need to swear then censor the f****** words yourself. Use st*rs or bl_nks to censor the words. Lesser slang words are acceptable, but vocabulary general not deemed acceptable for family viewing should not be used. If you don’t censor yourself, then the forum software and or the site staff may do this for you.

    7. Disciplinaries

    There is no strict disciplinary procedure in action.

    Blatant attempts at abusing the chronicles network are treated as such. Where genuine misunderstandings are seen to have occurred, genuine efforts at reconcilation will be made.

    Generally, corrective comments by staff in public postings, private messages, and e-mails should be regarded seriously. A formal warning will only be issued as a last resort.

    8. Additional Notes

    (i) Please note that you will not be censored even for disagreeing with any member of staff, so long as it is not done so in a manner that is seen as generally disruptive. Differing opinions on issues of art are fine, but do note that chronicles network staff must be respected with the last word on issues relating to the chronicles network itself.

    (ii)If you have any particular complaints about a member of the forums staff, then please e-mail an administrator.

    (iii) Complaints received about any post not necessarily covered by the above comments will be duly adjudicated.


    For the most part, people on the chronicles network are great and there's generally little need for action. Ultimately, though, staff exist to help oil the machine that makes this one of the biggest and friendliest science fiction and fantasy forums around.

    Feel free to settle in and make yourself comfortable - all we ask is that you try and enjoy yourself here, while also respecting other members trying to do the same.

    Best regards,


    (Site Admin)
    Brian Turner

    Brian Turner Brian G. Turner Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2002
    By the way, feel free to comment and make suggestions as required - but please don't use this as a chat thread, as I'm linking to this across the board for general reference.

    Leto Outside

    Nov 18, 2004
    Err, Brian, the 5 part refers to comparative religion forum, this one is about science-fiction and fantasy...

    hodor Erikson is GOD > period

    Nov 28, 2004
    Yo.. got it.
    Brian Turner

    Brian Turner Brian G. Turner Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2002
    Thanks for the heads up on that, Leto. :)

    I used my original Code of Conduct for comparative religion when composing a new one here, especially on the actual legal and technical requirements. :)
    Marky Lazer

    Marky Lazer New Member

    Nov 1, 2005
    It's still there...
    Brian Turner

    Brian Turner Brian G. Turner Staff Member

    Nov 23, 2002

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