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    Ya'll thought I forgot, didn't you? ;)


    A Day In The Life ...

    Harper woke to the smell of fresh coffee. As his eyes began to focus he noticed that there was someone sitting on the edge of his bed and a coffee cup was being waved under his nose. As the vision became clearer, he groaned. He'd forgotten he was supposed to meet Trance in the hydroponics garden that morning and his muscles were already protesting what hadn't occured yet.

    "Harper, you promised." Trance noticed the look of dismay that had crossed her friend's face when he realized what she was there for.

    Harper forced a smile on his face. Basketball? What made her suddenly decide she wanted to learn how to play basketball? What was next? Football? As he completed that thought, he smiled. Tackling Trance might not be such a bad thing after all. No Harper, don't go there.

    "Okay Trance. Just let me get dressed first. In case you haven't noticed, my clothes are lying over there on the chair," he said.

    Trance glanced over at the indicated piece of furniture. My god, she even blushes purple. She suddenly got up off of the bed, set the coffee cup down on the bedside table, and turned to leave. "I'll meet you there," she threw over her shoulder as she hurried out.


    Dylan Hunt yawned and stretched under his bed covers. "Another day," he said out loud. "We made it through another day. I wonder what this one has in store for us?"

    --to be continued.


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    My turn! ^_^

    "Come on Dylan," Andromeda said, appearing on the vid screen near the door. "It's already way too late for you to be in bed."

    "Do I have to?" Dylan whined like a little kid.

    Andromeda nodded. "If you don't get up I'll..."

    "I'm up!" Dylan said, reading the implied threat in her unfinished statement. He didn't even WANT to know what she would do if he didn't get up.
    Sorry it's so short I just woke up ^_^

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    Harper popped his head into hydroponics. "Trance?"

    Trance was not there. Instead, there was Tyr shooting hoops. Tyr did not stop when Harper spoke. He shot at the basket again, sinking it. "She's not here, boy."

    Harper felt like getting out of there immediately. He still could not feel at ease around Tyr. He was a Nietzschean. Who knew what they would do next? Don't get intimidated, Harper. He's not going to bite. "Well, she's supposed to meet me here. She wants to learn how to play."

    "I still do not see the point of this game," Tyr said as he sunk another basket. He caught it on the second bounce and threw it at Harper. Harper caught it, and looked at it in surprise. "Care to play?"

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    Rev was just finishing his morning ablutions when there was a knock on his door.

    "Come in."

    Beka, in obvious distress, came into the room. "Rev we've got a problem."

    "What kind of a problem, Beka?"

    Beka was walking in circles in the middle of Rev's room, wringing her hands together. When she didn't answer him right away, he walked over and placed himself in her path ... forcing her to stop her agitated circling.

    "What kind of a problem, Beka?" he asked again.

    Her blue eyes met his. "It's going to seem to silly."

    "Nothing is ever silly, Beka if it is causing this much distress to someone who is usually relatively calm," he responded.

    Beka took a deep breathe. "It's Harper. With everything that's been happening lately, it's ... I forgot."

    "Forgot what?"

    "Today is his birthday," Beka blurted.


    Next ...


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    "Beka, Beka, calm down. I'm sure young Harper will understand."
    Beka looked up at Rev, "He will, but I won't!! You don't know what Earth was like, he never had birthday parties until we picked him up off that rock. I promised myself I'd make up for all those years without them, I now have to do something!!"

    Rev looked at her, a faint glimmer of a smile on his face, "I might have an idea."

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